Here’s How to Disable Load in Power Bi

Here’s How to Disable Load in Power Bi

Here we can see, “Here’s How to Disable Load in Power Bi”

Power BI occasionally consumes a significant amount of RAM, especially on older PCs. To reduce memory and CPU utilization, it is essential to disable some queries.

Every query loads by default in the Query Editor. We’ll demonstrate today how to turn off this feature.

This is a significant problem for many users, as one user noted on the official forum:

What I am trying to buildup is appending 10 individual queries together (10 excel files, regularly updated on the sharepoint) into 1 table, which is than going to be loaded into the report. I do not need those 10 source files to be loaded as I will not buildup any visuals around those. Therefore I thought unchecking “Enable load to report” field in the Query Properties and keeping the “Include in report refresh” checked would work. What I found out is that the second checkbox is always automatically unchecked when I try to disable the load to report option. This would basically mean that data won’t refresh at all in my opinion, right?

The OP cannot uncheck the Include in the report refresh box while also ticking the Enable load to report box. The problem can be readily resolved, though.

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Steps to disable load in Power BI

This issue impacts only the current query, and the query pane rather than the query attributes is where you can prevent the load.

    1. Click on Edit Queries. It’ll bring up a new window.
    2. Right-click your query (in this case, “Sales”) there, and then select “Enable load.”
    3. Disabling load will delete the table from the report and break any visualizations that use its columns, according to a notice box that will appear. Since you won’t be using the data in any visualizations, this won’t be an issue, so click Continue.
    4. The Enable load option is not chosen, and the query will now appear in italic type.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I halt the loading of Power BI?

It is possible to enable or disable whether a table is loaded into the report in Power BI Power Query. By right-clicking on the table, you can access the menu item “Enable load.” Usually, the load is already activated by default.

2. How can I stop Power Query from loading?

    1. Activate Power Query.
    2. Select File > Options.
    3. Visit the Global area.
    4. Select Data Load.
    5. Select the option to specify a custom load.
    6. De-select both.

3. How does Power BI enable load work?

When you click the “Refresh” button on the ribbon, the query is automatically renewed if “Include In Report Refresh” is checked. The report builder can access query results if “Enable Load” is selected. Otherwise, you may use it in other queries (for instance, to merge data), but the report builder does not display it.

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4. If I disable Load in the Query, will my Appended table auto …

If I disable Load in the Query, will my Appended table auto refresh please? from PowerBI

5. Uncheck Enable Load : r/PowerBI – Reddit

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