Destiny 2 is getting anti-cheat software in Season 15

Destiny 2 is getting anti-cheat software in Season 15

If you’ve encountered cheaters during some time with Destiny 2, then here’s some excellent news for you: the sport is getting anti-cheat within the near future. Fans have been posing for some anti-cheat to be implemented after encountering cheaters in Destiny 2’s multiplayer modes. Unfortunately, while Bungie has taken efforts to curtail cheating in Destiny 2, those efforts have traditionally stopped in need of implementing anti-cheat software.

Leaks that surfaced this morning suggested that anti-cheat was on the thanks to Destiny 2. As spotted by users on Twitter and confirmed by The Verge’s Tom Warren, references to BattlEye anti-cheat appeared on Destiny 2’s German-language site earlier today, just for Bungie to lock the page behind a password make it inaccessible to everyone without the credentials.

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The damage was already done, and Bungie later decided to verify that BattlEye anti-cheat is indeed coming to Destiny 2. We’ll determine more about BattlEye’s soft launch in Destiny 2 next week during the Destiny 2 Showcase, but today’s tweet also reveals that the service will go live during Season 15.

It’s worth noting that the webpage leaked earlier within the day says that BattlEye will be required to play Destiny 2 once it’s implemented, so you’ll get to comply with use it before you play. The hope, of course, is that implementing BattlEye will dramatically decrease the number of cheaters in Destiny 2’s multiplayer modes, which are an annoying problem for Destiny 2 players.

We’ll determine more during the Destiny 2 Showcase, which is currently slated for August 24th at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT. The Destiny 2 Showcase will be broadcast on Bungie’s Twitch channel. Additionally, to reveal new details about this partnership with BattlEye, we’ll learn more about the longer term of the sport.

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