Dell Technologies Collaborates with Equinix to Deliver APEX as-a-Service Experience

Dell Technologies Collaborates with Equinix to Deliver APEX as-a-Service Experience

Alliance Provides organizations Decision on Which they Scale and Run APEX services.

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News overview

  • Collaboration using Equinix expands accessibility to Dell Technologies APEX, providing companies the flexibility to Profit from this as-a-Service offering where it provides the maximum value.
  • Provides simplicity of IT skills possessed, set up, supported, and charged on a single statement from Dell Technologies, located in an Equinix data center
  • Clients can embrace a hybrid vehicle or multi-cloud plan, join IT spending using their particular needs, and scale them up or down.
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Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) declares an enlarged alliance with international digital infrastructure firm Equinix to expand accessibility to Dell Technologies APEX through Equinix International Business Exchange™ information centers. With Dell-managed Platform and infrastructure Equinix®, associations may fulfill varying IT and storage demands more economically when compared to APEX Data Storage Services in an Equinix place.

Using APEX Data Storage Services and Equinix, companies can now get the ease of a people-to-cloud encounter while still keeping control over their data. Firms are going to have access to near-infinite climbing of storage tools from Equinix data centers. In addition, Dell Technologies will deal with the infrastructure within an Equinix data center of a client’s choice throughout the planet, at a hybrid or on assumptions.

“Considering that the huge and expanding amount of information created daily, companies wish to operate with reliable partners to organize infrastructure and direction with company demands,” explained Jeff Boudreau, president, and general manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. “By enlarging our longstanding relationship with Equinixwe could provide a safe, on-demand hybrid solution that emphasizes efficiency, is constant anywhere, and assists clients turn information into a precious decision-making instrument “

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Throughout the mix of Dell’s infrastructure direction and Equinix’s big worldwide footprint of over 220 data centers crossing across five continents and an electronic ecosystem of over 10,000 businesses, clients gain from a hybrid environment with the capability to change into an OpEx funding version. Clients pay for whatever they use, using a single rate without overage charges, and will understand how much it’s used every month. In addition, businesses can order virtually any file and block storage potential in many different performance levels, simplifying how they have storage infrastructure.

“As businesses continue to make more information, they are interested in having the capacity to store and handle that information when and wherever they want it. Whether their information resides inside a data center, at the border, or over private and public clouds, customers need more choice and greater flexibility in handling their own hybrid IT infrastructure,” said Eric Schwartz, principal strategy and advancement officer, Equinix. “By cooperating with Equinix, Dell Technologies can supply APEX Data Storage Services to encourage these clients’ hybrid multi-cloud needs on a worldwide scale.”

Clients can configure, arrange, track and make modifications to the own APEX services in your APEX Console. In addition, clients will have the ability to use the Console to supply APEX services in pick Equinix places.

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