Deathloop Players Spot Furniture From Dishonored 2

Deathloop Players Spot Furniture From Dishonored 2

Arkane Studios developed both Deathloop and, therefore, the Dishonored franchise, and it appears the team double-dipped with a number of the assets.

The recently released PC and PlayStation 5 action game Deathloop seems to be reusing a couple of assets from the Dishonored franchise. Deathloop was developed by Bethesda’s Arkane Studios – an equivalent team behind the Dishonored games.

Deathloop came from an equivalent studio as Dishonored likely won’t come as a shock to those conversant in these games. While Deathloop stands on its own as a posh, fast-paced shooter with flexible gameplay options, Dishonored’s footprints are everywhere on both a mechanical and stylistic level. Colt Vahn, the protagonist of Deathloop, uses a mixture of traditional weapons, gadgets, and magical abilities to require his foes, which isn’t dissimilar to how Dishonored’s Corvo Attano chooses to handle conflict. From a visible standpoint, both games feature similarly unique, highly stylized graphics. But, of course, the games are different from each other in some ways, not the smallest amount of which being Deathloop’s untraditional time loop structure.

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These games might share quite just vague or stylistic similarities, though, consistent with recent social media posts from Deathloop players, like Reddit user Extremely_Volatile (via Game Rant). Deathloop contains a variety of assets pulled directly from the Dishonored games. Although players have reportedly encountered an assortment of tools, gadgets, and even full pieces of furniture that are just like those found in Dishonored and Dishonored 2. it might appear that the majority – if not all – of those assets are set dressings for various in-game environments, instead of anything more significant like enemies or weapons.

Found the cabinet from Dishonored 2. from Deathloop

This could disappoint some fans because it arguably shatters the illusion of a game with painstakingly crafted level design. However, reusing assets is standard practice within the industry, especially when it involves relatively insignificant items like decorative accents. Plus, if Deathloop’s incredibly detailed sandwiches are anything to travel off of, it’s clear that Arkane was meticulous enough when putting the finishing touches on the game’s levels. Finally, if the team behind Deathloop was ready to put the time they saved by reusing assets towards sharpening the game’s combat, story, and multiplayer systems, then it had been likely the proper decision to form.

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Still, the very fact that these assets fit so seamlessly into Deathloop shows just how similar it’s to Dishonored on an aesthetic level. Fans of Arkane’s larger body of labor will likely welcome this visual style, but it might be interesting to ascertain the team shakes things up with future projects. For example, not much is understood about Arkane’s next game Redfall, but that title could give this studio the prospect to require a special approach to graphics.

Deathloop is currently available on PC and PlayStation 5.

Source: Extremely_Volative/RedditGame Rant