Fix Cortana I Wasn’t Able to Connect to Get You Set Up Error

Fix Cortana I Wasn’t Able to Connect to Get You Set Up Error

Here we can see, “Fix Cortana I Wasn’t Able to Connect to Get You Set Up Error”

  • A personal assistant program called Cortana is already included in Windows 10 and has many useful functions that can boost productivity. Cortana needs an Internet connection to work effectively.
  • You may resolve any Internet connection problems preventing Cortana from functioning properly by using the built-in tools and applications already included in your version of Windows.

An Internet connection is essentially required for the Cortana virtual assistant program in Windows 10. When your Internet connection is unavailable, there are limits to what you can do with that program.

Cortana doesn’t always connect to the Internet, though, according to some Windows 10 users, even when their connections are strong. The virtual assistant program can then say, I couldn’t connect to set you up.

This is how to rejoin Cortana if you experience a connection error of that such.

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What can I do if Cortana isn’t connecting to the Internet?

1. Close the SearchUI.exe Process

    • Win + X menu is accessible by pressing the Windows key + X hotkey.
    • Choose Task Manager from the Win + X menu to open its window.
    • In Task Manager, select the Processes tab, then scroll down to Cortana.
    • To access the Details tab below, right-click Cortana and choose Go to details.
    • To end the task, select SearchUI.exe and click the End task button. After then, SearchUI.exe will start up again.

This is more of a band-aid than a long-term solution. Using Task Manager, some Windows 10 users have been able to rejoin Cortana by terminating or initiating the SearchUI.exe process.

2. Disable the Proxy Server

    • Open the Win + X menu first.
    • Enter inetcpl.cpl into the text box after selecting Run from the menu.
    • Click the OK button to see the Internet Properties window as shown below.
    • To open the window below, select the Connections tab and then click LAN settings.
    • Use a proxy server for your LAN is an option in that box. If the Use proxy server for your LAN setting is already selected, deselect it.
    • To close the LAN Settings window, click OK.

Your network configuration could break Cortana’s connection. The proxy settings in Windows may be the cause of some connection problems. Another method to get Cortana back online is deselecting the proxy server if selected.

3. Run the Internet Connections Troubleshooter

    • Using the Win + X menu, launch the Settings app.
    • To access additional choices, click Update & Security.
    • A list of troubleshooters will appear when you click Troubleshoot on the window’s left side.
    • There, choose the Internet Connections troubleshooter.
    • To open the window below, click the Run the troubleshooter button.
    • To launch the troubleshooter, click the Troubleshoot my connection to the internet button.
    • You can use a variety of troubleshooters in Windows to fix issues. A troubleshooter called Internet Connections can repair internet connections and perhaps re-connect any disconnected Windows services or apps.

4. Log in to Windows 10 With a Local Account

    • Open the Settings app first.
    • To confirm that your Microsoft account is currently logged in, click Accounts and choose Your Info.
    • You can select the option to sign in using a local account.
    • To confirm it, type the Microsoft account password into the text box.
    • Give the local account a new username and password.
    • Click the Finish and Sign Out button.
    • Windows should be restarted, or you can log out and then log back in using your new local account.

In Windows 10, Microsoft accounts may result in unexpected issues. Cortana not connecting could therefore be related to how a Microsoft account is set up. As a result, another workaround is to log in using a local account rather than a Microsoft one.

5. Restore the Windows Firewall to its Default Settings

    • Launch Run and type firewall.cpl into the text box there.
    • To access the Control Panel tab, shown below, click OK.
    • Click Allow an app or feature over the firewall to open the tab below.
    • Scroll to the Cortana app and click the Change settings button.
    • If none of the Cortana check boxes are selected already, choose them all and click the OK button.
    • Click Restore defaults on the left of the Windows Firewall tab if Cortana still won’t connect.
    • Click the Restore defaults button to return the firewall to its default settings.

The Windows Firewall may hinder Cortana’s connection. As a result, it’s important to see if your firewall is blocking Cortana. That can be resolved by returning the Windows Firewall to its default configuration.

6. Disable Third-Party Anti-Virus Software

Firewalls are also a feature of third-party antivirus programs. An external firewall may prevent Cortana from connecting to the internet. Therefore, stopping antivirus software for a while might also help Cortana.

Right-clicking the antivirus program’s system tray icon will disable it. Most anti-virus applications offer deactivate or turn-off choices on their system tray context menus.

Whether Cortana connects after turning off the antivirus program, check your software’s firewall settings to see if any outgoing logs are being blocked. Alternately, if you can, disable the third-party firewall.

Overall, there are numerous potential solutions for Cortana’s internet connection issues. A few of the more efficient fixes that will likely reconnect the virtual assistant include disabling the proxy server, modifying firewall settings, and switching back to a local user account.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I get Cortana to function in my area?

Open the Settings application from the Start menu, click or tap the “Time & language” icon, and then choose the “Region & language” category. Choose a country that speaks the Cortana language from the list of options under the “Country or area” box.

2. How can I get Cortana to open apps again?

Click Change options in the window for Allowed Apps. Find every Cortana feature in the list of permitted apps and features and check each one. Enter “firewall” in the search bar, then click “Open Allow a program over Windows Firewall.” Cortana should now be operational after clicking OK.

3. How can Cortana be fixed?

    1. Restart the Windows 10 computer.
    2. Verify the language and region settings.
    3. Ensure that Windows 10 is updated on your computer.
    4. Update your audio and microphone drivers.
    5. Cortana reset
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