Call for Amazon to embrace unions as Andy Jassy becomes CEO

Call for Amazon to embrace unions as Andy Jassy becomes CEO

Amazon today brings in a new CEO. The GMB union claims that worker safety will not improve until Amazon sits down and talks to unions.

Andy Jassy will succeed Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder. The previous Executive Chair is still held by the former.

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer, says that Jeff Bezos will continue to pull strings. Putin was once removed as President and has been elected Prime Minister.

Amazon will not embrace fundamental change to improve safety standards unless they sit down and negotiate with unions across the globe like GMB.

“Inhumane working conditions”

Despite Amazon’s coronavirus epidemic booming business, UK warehouse workers are still subject to inhumane conditions, according to the GMB.

The company cited an investigation which found that ambulances were called out 600 to 14 warehouses within three financial years.

Laurence Turner, GMB Research and Policy officer, said that a change in the face of the highest officials is not enough. It’s time to reform Amazon’s entire working culture.

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“While the company’s profits have skyrocketed, warehouse workers in the UK have been injured, knocked out, and taken to the hospital by ambulances as a result of the company’s relentless pursuit of money.”

He concluded that “Andy Jassy is able to draw a line beneath Jeff Bezos’s intense ideological hostility towards unions and instead make improving workers’ conditions a top priority.”

An Amazon spokesperson told RTIH: “Amazon might be a safe place for you to figure. Our critics are determined to paint a false picture of Amazon’s desire to work for them. They make the same sensationalized allegations over and over again.”