Google Maps Offensive Continues as Apple Starts Mapping New Regions

Google Maps Offensive Continues as Apple Starts Mapping New Regions

Apple Maps is intended to be an alternative to Google Maps, but it is not a secret that Apple’s application may not be ready yet.

This is also true for us outside of Apple. Apple has been slow to roll out new functionality to customers who are not in its home market.

Apple Maps has already received significant updates in the U.S., such as improved maps and new features such as traffic information with street signs or warnings about traffic lights. This new experience is still available in select markets.

On the other hand, the iPhone maker is working around the clock to expand Apple Maps to new markets because it knows that this is often the only reason for competing with Google Maps.

Apple also sent its Subaru Impreza fleet to Austria to collect data. The mapping process will begin today. The corporate has not shared any information on the exact proportion of the whole process. Apple is still focusing on vehicle-based data, and foot mapping will not be a part of the first stage, in line with local media.

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This is likely a sign that Apple intends to improve its navigation component. Time will show how quickly the new data is made available to users in Austria.

Apple Maps is expanding to new regions is a positive development. However, this is a significant problem with Apple Maps, compared to Google Maps, as the preloaded app on iPhones still lacks up-to-date maps and new features for large markets.

Apple hasn’t yet confirmed Apple Maps’ expansion to Austria, but we expect to see Subaru Imprezas from the company on the streets in the ECU country for several months.