3 Fixes for Web Browser Does Not Support Opening Excel Files

3 Fixes for Web Browser Does Not Support Opening Excel Files

Here we can see, “3 Fixes for Web Browser Does Not Support Opening Excel Files”

  • Excel files with a huge file size are one of the main reasons for this issue.
  • To fix the issue, you might think about using a lightweight browser.
  • Here is everything you need to know because your browser cannot open Excel files, which is why you reached this post.

Instead of opening files within browser pages, Windows users can conveniently open a range of files in native external applications.

However, some users have claimed that while attempting to access Excel files, they see an error from a web browser that cannot do so.

This workbook can only be opened if Microsoft Excel is installed on your computer and your web browser is capable of opening files straight from Excel, according to the error message.

The most effective methods to handle this error are described in this article.

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Why can’t I open Excel in Chrome?

In your Chrome browser, Excel may not open for several reasons. The largest Excel file size is first on the list.

Given that Chrome uses a lot of resources, opening a large excel file in the browser can be too taxing on your computer.

Old browser data and even an out-of-date browser could be additional causes.

Whatever the cause, we will lead you through the best solutions to resolve the problem.

How do I open Excel files directly from Chrome?

1. Use a different browser

This can be the case if you are attempting to open a huge file. Google Chrome is renowned for consuming a lot of resources. The Opera browser is a different option.

Opera’s ad filter may block all types of ads while reducing page load times by up to 90%. Opera’s built-in ad filter disables ads at the web engine level. This results in less resource usage and a speedier page load time.

2. Use Plugin for Firefox and Chrome

IE Tab Extension For Chrome 

    1. Start Chrome, then navigate to the IE Tab addon page.
    2. Select “Add to Chrome” from the menu.
    3. To add an extension, click the button.
    4. Allow Chrome to download and install the plugin before restarting it if necessary.
    5. To start the procedure, simply click the IE Tab icon. This should assist in resolving Chrome’s problem with Excel file opening.

Including this extension will help you solve the problem of being unable to open an Excel file from a website.

3. Delete the browser cache

    1. Fire up the Chrome web browser.
    2. Choose More tools from the menu, then click Clear browsing data.
    3. Select All Time from the time range, then select Clear Data after selecting the boxes next to Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, and Browsing history.

You should delete your browser’s cache if Chrome isn’t downloading Excel files. Due to outdated data, the browser may become unresponsive to links and some websites.

How do I open an XLSX file in Chrome?

    1. Go to the page for the Google Chrome addon for XLS Editor.
    2. Simply select Add to Chrome.
    3. On the Add Extension button, click.
    4. Click the Add spreadsheet button after selecting the extension symbol.

If the browser does not support excel files with encryption, you should try this extension.

The remedies in this post should be helpful if your browser cannot open Excel files. However, as a last resort, you might think about resetting your browser if none of the three fixes work. The drawback is that you can lose some crucial browser information.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do you repair Excel files that cannot be opened?

Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + O on your keyboard to open Excel. To open a file, double-click it. To find the file, if it still won’t open, click “Browse.” Click the small arrow next to the “Open” button at the bottom of the “Open” dialogue box, then select “Open and Repair” from the context menu.

2. How can I open Excel on my browser?

    1. Activate your browser.
    2. Visit Google Sheets or click the link to do so.
    3. To create a new spreadsheet, click the + sign.
    4. Click “File.”
    5. Click “Open.”
    6. You can either press “Upload” to access the contents on your computer or choose a file from your drive.

3. How do I modify my Excel browser settings?

To access default apps, go to Settings > Apps. Select Choose default by link type to access a different Settings page. Next, locate HTTP and HTTPS and choose the browser you wish to use to open Excel hyperlinks by scrolling down. The settings page looks like this.

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4. Has anyone else noticed an issue with Excel in browser 

Has anyone else noticed an issue with Excel in browser where lines appear across the screen? from sysadmin

5. Not able to open Excel files from Sharepoint or OneDrive

Not able to open Excel files from Sharepoint or OneDrive from sysadmin