Bose SoundLink Flex speaker can handle dirt, drops, and water exposure

Bose SoundLink Flex speaker can handle dirt, drops, and water exposure

Bose has announced the SoundLink Flex, a new portable Bluetooth speaker with an “ultra-durable” build for usage in areas where less resilient portable music devices may be harmful. The SoundLink Flex is tiny enough to go to the workshop, hike, or pool, and Bose claims that it has its patented audio technology.

The powder-coated steel grille on the Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker is complemented by a soft silicon rear and an IP67 rating. Due to the sealed acoustical technology, Bose claims that exposure to dirt, dust, and water would not “compromise audio performance.” Furthermore, Bose claims that its new SoundLink speaker can float in water, allowing it to survive an accidental drop into a pool.

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The speaker is 7.9′′ x 2.1′′ x 3.6′′ in size and weighs about one pound. The compact speaker contains a special transducer, dual-opposing passive radiators, and Bose’s unique digital signal processing technology. The result, according to Bose, is everything from “dramatically” reduced distortion to bass “you can feel in your chest.”

The SoundLink Flex also has a unique feature among Bluetooth speakers: it uses Bose PositionIQ technology to detect its orientation and automatically modify the audio for maximum performance. The speaker can recall up to eight Bluetooth devices for quick switching between audio sources, and the Bose Connect app is supported for customization and firmware updates.

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The gadget also has basic audio and speaker controls, such as buttons for playing and pausing sounds. The SoundLink Flex also has an embedded microphone that allows users to make and receive calls. Up to 12 hours of playback time, a USB-C rechargeable battery, Stereo Mode playback with two speakers, and a Party Mode are other features.

The Bose SoundLink Flex can be purchased for $149 right now.

Source: Bose