How to: Turn Off the Narrator in Biomutant With a Few Easy Steps

How to: Turn Off the Narrator in Biomutant With a Few Easy Steps

Here we can see, “How to: Turn Off the Narrator in Biomutant With a Few Easy Steps”

  • Experiment 101 changed conversation pace, narrator settings, difficulty levels, and video settings with the new version.
  • The loot system, enemy tuning, sound, and combat have all been tweaked in the most recent Biomutant release.
  • The Motion Blurr feature now has a slider that allows players to adjust the intensity for a more customized effect.
  • This article will show you how to disable the narration and gibberish, which might be bothersome at times.

Biomutant will undergo more alterations and tweaks as a result of the concerns received from the gaming community, according to the game developers.

Fans welcome this endeavor with open arms, as they are the ones that get to play the game and would want a few tweaks to make it better.

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After applying the updated patch, there is no longer a narrator

Experiment 101 developers said before the release of this new version that, based on community feedback, they were preparing to do some rather intense surgery on the Biomutant patient.

In general, the creators stated that they were working on conversation pacing, narrator settings, difficulty settings, video settings such as depth of field and motion blur, loot and opponent tuning, and sound and fighting.

As a result, gamers who aren’t fond of the built-in game narrator can now turn it off and return to their game.

To accomplish this, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Audio section of the menu.
  • The game will be put on hold.
  • Set the Narrator to 0 (zero).

The Frequency section can be found here

Keep in mind that while this effectively silences Biomutant’s narrator, he will still appear during cutscenes and when significant events in the world occur.

You can also reduce the quantity of Gibberish you hear in Biomutant in the same Frequency area. This is the strange and, at times, the offensive language used by the game’s NPCs.

With the most recent upgrade, there are even more new features accessible.

Aside from the narrator options, a new slider for motion blur level has been included. This was one of the first requests from players after the game was published.

The loot system has been redesigned to give you more goods that are suited for your level, less garbage from high-level containers, and fewer random healing items.

Experiment 101, which is responsible for Biomutant, also said something about the Tutorial version.

We’ve altered dialogues to make them shorter to improve the flow of the early parts of the game. To properly portray the experience later in the game, we’ve added additional foes and loot to these places.


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