How to Get the Best Graphics in Biomutant

How to Get the Best Graphics in Biomutant

Here we can see, “How to Get the Best Graphics in Biomutant”

  • Users everywhere may now get this fantastic game on PC, Xbox, and PS4.
  • The Maximum Beep Boop patch improves the Biomutant’s colors, shadows, and general details.
  • Motion blur, film grain, chromatic aberration, and temporal anti-aliasing were all completely eliminated.
  • Because most of the graphic details were set to their maximum, this mod calls for a powerful GPU.

Some people are creating new methods to raise the bar for graphics in their never-ending quest to make games that already look great look even better.

Players who desire sharper, more accurate details can now download a new version of Biomutant that Xayjyn created to fix some of the graphical choices made by Experiment 101.

So let’s examine this mod in more detail to determine just how it modifies and improves the default game settings.

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Maximum Beep Boop fine-tunes Biomutant graphics

Basically, the mod disables sure of the visual options in Biomutant that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to change in the game’s interface.

Because this is a game and not a movie, several of the visual effects are removed, like chromatic aberration and the sharp depth of field.

The game also did without motion blur, film grain settings, and other graphic features like the smudgy temporal anti-aliasing.

Instead, this mod incorporates ACES Tonemapping to produce a far more realistic color correction, which players can see at its best on displays that support high dynamic range.

The Maximum Beep Boop mod also enables color-correct bloom and subsurface scattering, which are some other new features. This will assure a more subdued fur color in a direct light source, but it is barely perceptible.

The fade distance and degree of detail parameters have been maximized to guarantee high resolution even at the most significant draw distances. At the maximum distance, ambient occlusion will also start to affect the image.

The genuine volumetric fog setting will employ its full volume density rather than serving as hazy fallback transparency, and shadow resolutions have been increased to the maximum level possible.

Where can I get this mod and how will this impact my PC?

You should visit Nexus Mods and download the new mod there if you would like to give it a try as well.

Additionally, you’ll discover advice on how to modify.ini files in case your game fails, or you run into other problems.

Follow these steps to install this mod for Biomutant:

    1. The.ini files can be downloaded from the location listed above.
    2. Put the files here:

Restart your computer and launch the game after finishing the instructions mentioned above.

We understand that you may have been considering how running Biomutant with this mod will affect your computer. Well, among other minor aspects, your GPU is mainly responsible.

After installing this mod, several users have acknowledged that they are having trouble keeping their frame rate at 60.

I tried it, I encountered 0 bugs, but I have a huge drop in FPS (from ~80 to 45 for a 2560 x 1080 screen) on my RTX3060ti. Maybe a 3080 can handle a constant 60FPS.
I tried to tweak down some features and got some results (Texture stream feature removal led to a small improvement) but not enough to keep the game fluid. Maybe it could be interesting to release some king of intermediate version (keeping volumetric fog and global shadows with features and counterbalancing with standard setting for LOD/distances/resolution)


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Is Biomutant enhanced for the PC?

With better texture quality, shadows, anisotropic filtering, and drawing distance, the game’s PC version is clearly the winner, as shown in the video created by ElAnalistaDeBits.

2. What is the most recent Biomutant version?

On the PS5, PS4, and Xbox, a fresh Biomutant update, version 2.11, is now accessible for download. The most recent update brought gameplay fixes and adjustments to the quality of life, according to the official Biomutant patch notes.

3. Why does Biomutant appear clouded?

Players claim that despite having the best graphics setting, Biomutant appears fuzzy or as though it is utilizing a low graphics preset. Enabling Dynamic Resolution from the game’s menu is the cause of this problem. Disable it because it’s currently broken and gives the game a low-quality or blurry appearance.

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