Aria True Wireless Earbuds

Aria True Wireless Earbuds

XFyro Aria authentic wireless earbuds

The Aria True Wireless Earbuds distance appears to grow from the week, with brand new brands and versions coming all of the time.

At the top end of this market are products such as the Sony WF-1000XM3, Apple AirPods Pro, and Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus. On the lower end are myriad opponents racing to the base with sub-$50 offerings.

Even though it may be wonderful to snag a set of headphones or earphones at the price tag, you may end up replacing them. We see such as “disposable“, providing them with a couple of years of life.

Think about the middle of the package? Somewhere from the mid-century are goods such as the xFyro Aria. They are priced at approximately $125, and they are a set of waterproof and dustproof earbuds for up to eight hours per charge.

We were blessed to be given their xFyro Aria set before the vacation year and spent a couple of weeks together. We put forth our beliefs about these earbuds.

What’s in the Box?

  • xFyro Aria earbuds
  • Adaptive charging and carrying case
  • Three pairs of silicone ear tips
  • Two pairs of tails
  • MicroUSB cable
  • User guide

Built Quality and Design

Dressed in all black, black also provided with a black carrying case, and the Aria True Wireless Earbuds do not do a lot to stand out in the audience. Even the earbuds have a somewhat tapered form and occupy a minimum space quantity; however, they are a tiny flat and uninspired.

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While they are not the most tasteful or beautiful, they have made it where it counts. The IP67 evaluation, for example, protects against dust and water, something which even pricier versions don’t include.

There is no actual button on the outside of the earbuds. However, the panel will not provide controls for volume and playback. Employing a string of double or single taps, you can progress audio and prompt Google Assistant or even Siri.

The carrying case is just another instance of easy and differently plain layout, but that is why you buy earphones. The situation does have an excellent magnetic structure to it, along with also the earbuds snap into place very well. Charging is performed via micro USB and requires approximately two weeks.

Aria True Wireless Earbuds Other Features

Even the xFyro Aria have been Bluetooth 5.0, suggesting more straightforward pairing, longer distance in origin, and much more secure link. Given it is 2020, we hope to observe this norm across the mid-century and top end, but it is not necessarily guaranteed. We are happy this corner wasn’t cut.

The Aria True Wireless Earbuds are great for as many as eight hours of audio playback a charge; the carrying case has been rated for up to 24 hours. Having a total of 32 hours of listening time can be more than adequate for a set of earphones utilized for commutes and workouts. We can envision charging the situation maybe once per week, which is only to be secure.

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Several ear tips are contained in the box; thus, locating the ideal match is ensured. And if you are using them for jogging or time in the gym, think about one of both forms of ear wings.

Performance of Aria True Wireless Earbuds

As regards sound, the xFyro Aria skews a bit toward the bass and mid. Treble and highs aren’t as current as we may have enjoyed, especially in “active” songs. A lot of folks like that type of noise. Generally, we are OK with this, but we understand that it leans to the shallow end.

Battery life is excellent in hours per charge. The carrying case using the following three fees is just as good stuff. Anyhow, you could change the situation itself possibly once per week, if that. If you are only using them to get a half-hour commute to and from the office, you are going to find a month’s worth of juice.

Talking of that, we enjoy how the earbuds snap in the circumstance, making sure that they sit snugly inside. We may have chosen USB Type-C charging or perhaps wireless capacity. Happily, they are not alone in maintaining the micro USB regular approximately, so locating cables is not a problem.

There aren’t any LED indicator lights around the outside of the charging instance. However, there are four LEDs on the interior. You’re able to see just how much juice has been left over a selection of 25 percent.

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Even the Aria True Wireless Earbuds utilize sound isolation and sound cancellation to help remove background noise and prevent sound leaking. We were amazed by how well it worked and discovered it retains the surrounding sound from slipping in your listening experience.


Even the Aria True Wireless Earbuds are definitely worth their cash and ought to be in a brief list of earbuds when buying a budget of approximately $100.

There is plenty to enjoy here, especially the battery life of this carrying case. When it comes time to control up, only 15 minutes is required to incorporate about three hours.

Audio is excellent, even if it is somewhat heavy on the bass several times, but it is appropriate in line with our expectations. It is relatively simple to become accustomed to and also is readily forgiven.

Even the earbuds are comfy from the box; however, users may appreciate making a change upward or down in size. More busy listeners will want to try out the ear hooks/wings solely for excess safety or stabilization.

Also, we enjoy the Google Assistant/Siri integration, watertight protection, and noise cancellation.


Please find out more about xFyro, the Aria, along with other products on its site. Buy the xFyro Aria for $125 and get free delivery.