Audio Technica Wireless Earbuds Review

Audio Technica Wireless Earbuds Review

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TW true wireless earbuds review

After sound on-the-go, it is difficult to dismiss the unbelievable increase in popularity of authentic wireless buds. Audio Technica Wireless Earbuds Review, among the most reliable brands in personal music, leans into the fray with a fresh pair of entirely wire-free buds, even the ATH-CKS5TW.

With a solid battery and a bass-oriented sound profile, the more ATH-CKS5TW performs the Audio-Technica legacy proud concerning sound performance. However, we are still unsure of their match nor the plan of the battery situation.

Price and availability

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TW (Black) in Amazon for $19,999

The ATH-CKS5TW is available now, priced in 149 (roughly $180 / / $ AU$270).

That is a mid-to-premium price label, and it is by the attribute set here, together with powerful battery performance, superior motorists, and USB-C connectivity.

In contrast, the Apple AirPods (2019), price $159 / 159 / / AU$249, also remain the most common authentic wireless earbuds (but maybe perhaps not the very striking ). Read our round among their very greatest genuine wireless earbuds to view how the remainder of the contest compares.


The ATH-CKS5TW authentic wireless earbuds follow the layout criteria you would expect from the wire-free class. Right and left earbuds to sit at a pillbox-shaped charging instance, snapping in magnetically. Charge the situation (that includes its battery storage built-in), and it is also going to bill the earbuds placed within. Once they have been paired with your music device, they will join over Bluetooth automatically when eliminated from the circumstance and change back off once put back indoors.

What exactly sets the ATH-CKS5TW besides? Both headline attributes will be battery life plus USB-C charging and the reversible fast-charging interface that stays a comparative rarity among authentic wireless earbuds. Concerning battery life, you receive a long 15 hours from these fully-charged earbuds, together with the instance holding a further 30 hours for 45 hours playback. That is a decent quantity of time.

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However, what the excess battery life implies is the earbuds, and the event themselves are marginally larger than several other models we have tried. That is noteworthy from the earbuds mainly, which utilize the “bud-only” design of the layout, instead of the stemmed-look you would find with AirPods.

Matte-black using a wingtip made to keep them set up on your ear, and they may be somewhat fiddly to lock. The rubberized wingtips are connected as regular, and eliminating them designed for a more comfortable fit throughout our testing; however, we felt it hard complete to receive them to sit closely inside our ears. Being a bit laborious makes them constantly feel somewhat precarious in usage if you are on the go.

What is appreciated, however, is your button on every earbud. It provides you with a lot more dependable control over playback than a bit sensitive panel, also functions nicely here.

Additionally, IPX2 security makes them ideal for a mild workout (although not a shower or bathtub ), whereas Bluetooth 5.0 must guarantee a stable link for your devices.

One unexpected problem we arrived at within the longer-term test was how fiddly the charging situation was supposed to be used. It is size warranted how much playback juice it retains. However, these buds’ dimensions and the cutaway enclosure about them from the case were not an automatic match. You would not wish to be popping the buds back in the situation in a rush.

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Once carefully paired, the ATH-CKS5TW earbuds sound fantastic, though. They are a small death from Audio-Technica’s usual unbiased sound, with bass tones prominent in the mixture than you would typically expect from the manufacturer.

We are usually all to get a neutral noise. However, the extra bass is here — historically, we’ve found accurate wireless earbuds for somewhat lacking at the low-end section. Audio-Technica’s tackling of this bass improvement here’s done tastefully, providing the earbuds with a tiny bit of additional oomph without overpowering the rest of the mixture. There is a great “thump” to some bassy components of a song, providing a much warmer, more lively sound than that which we occasionally hear from true-wireless versions.

There are fantastic dynamism and detail to be hauled in the 10mm drivers, even using a dual-layer diaphragm used in tandem with (and we warmly quotation ) “a redesigned depart pit” to send songs to your ears.

Scott Walkers’ ‘It’s Raining Today’ in the record Scott 3 is a tough bit, pairing an orchestrated chamber-pop song with a spooky and continuing high-pitched piano line. However, the soundstage is well delivered, together with distance for many devices in the mix to perform their job.

Hitting something having a bit more crunch, along with the Clash’s ‘Police and Thieves was introduced with a beautiful snap into the guitar stabs and trap work while allowing the bobbling bass to walk superbly around. There is a fantastic awareness of the variety that the earbuds are effective at.

Moving onto something using a digital, processed generation, Robyn’s ‘Missing U’ gave a significant test for its earbuds, which managed the shimmering synth arpeggios and forced bass kick actual existence.

We’re impressed with all the passive noise isolation. Once comfortably match, the fantastic low-end reply and robust maximum volume supposed they are a tremendous match for podcasts also — the extra bass provides warmth to listeners, together with the quantity rising over the din of public transportation.

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On a tighter budget? Try the ATH-CK3TW

If the price of this ATH-CKS5TW is a little too steep for your pocket, then provide the ATH-CK3TW with an attempt instead.

They are a budget-friendly spin on authentic wireless buds out of Audio-Technica. Here is the low-down: smaller motorists, and a bigger battery, to get a more affordable #99 (approximately $120 / / $ 5 AU$175) price label. The CK3TW instead offers 6 hours free in the buds using 30 hours saved from the charging instance, making use of 5.6millimeter drivers.

It is additionally using jelqing controls instead of physical buttons for playback. It uses Qualcomm’s low-latency True Wireless Stereo Plus, which should guarantee a stable link and protect against lip-sync problems from appearing when viewing the video. Additionally, it is compatible with aptX and SBC codecs, using white, black, blue, and red color choices.

Final verdict

Having a good battery lifetime and well-managed bass improvement above Audio-Technica’s usual unbiased noise, the Audio Technica Wireless Earbuds Review have a great deal going for them.

They have among the very complete and well-rounded audio profiles we have observed out of true-wireless earbuds, despite the bass improvement. It is a delightful sound they create.

But they’re let down somewhat by their match — the rate may vary, of course, depending upon your preferred marijuana style and how big your ears. However, it will locate the fiddly situation match will exude more than time. Nonetheless, the top superior sound here might be a worthy trade-off.