Apple Tv Keeps Freezing

my apple tv keeps freezing

Fix Frozen Apple TV 4

Apple TV 4 users are occasionally faced with a frozen, unresponsive device. This text covers the way to fix a set Apple TV.

Apple TV 4 may be a relatively new device with a recently developed OS, tvOS. This, combined with Apple’s decline in quality, has resulted in a substandard experience for several users.

The new Apple TV is an improvement over my last Apple TV 2, which rebooted itself a couple of times an evening, usually within the middle of a video. I even have to admit, both models of Apple TV have proven to be the worst tech products I even have ever owned. They’re not the standard one would expect with Apple products. I exploit my Apple TV nightly, and it can often provide hours of trouble-free entertainment. I do experience a minimum of one problem a day, and a few nights, it’s just a frustrating experience.

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Among its many flaws, the new Apple TV 4 can occasionally freeze, requiring the user to restart it. Unfortunately, users can’t navigate with a frozen Apple TV to the Settings screen to renew it. Fortunately, Apple has provided how to restart Apple TV, albeit it’s completely frozen.

Force Apple TV 4 to Restart

Using the Siri remote, one can force Apple TV to restart, even when it’s frozen. Hold down the Menu and residential (TV screen) button for about 6 seconds. The front light on your Apple TV base unit will start flashing rapidly. Release the controls, and your Apple TV will restart. It takes about 30 seconds to continue; however, if you’re running tvOS 9.2, you’ll need to wait longer. the house screen could also be frozen after Apple TV is restarted.

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Fix Frozen Home Screen After Restarting

tvOS 9.2 introduced a defect where the house screen is frozen after Apple TV restarts. Fortunately, this is often easily fixed. Wait a few minutes, then click the touchpad on the Siri remote. You ought to now be ready to navigate the house screen and use your Apple TV.

Turn off Automatic Updates for tvOS

tvOS seems to introduce more defects in each release. While Apple fixes some problems, they also seem to make quiet are selected. I also found this to be true of my Apple TV 2. Around 2014, something changed at Apple, and their products began to lack quality.

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You don’t need to upgrade to the newest version of tvOS the day it comes out. it’s going to be better to stay with the devil you recognize and do some research. I researched tvOS 9.2 before upgrading. However, nobody was writing about the issues. Tech writers were regurgitating the keynote. The Apple Support Forum is that the best place to research the standard of any Apple release.

tvOS is about to update automatically by default. I like to recommend turning this off. you’ll close up automatic tvOS system updates by getting to Settings > System > Software Updates. The Software Updates screen will appear. Close up Automatically Update. you’ll manually update Apple TV by returning to the Software Updates screen and selecting Update Software.