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Here we can see “Stadia on Apple tv”

Apple doesn’t let developers submit apps to the App Store if they effectively include their app store… which means game streaming services like Stadia, Luna, GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming needn’t apply.

But there’s an alternate path to streaming games on iPhones and iPads: the online browser. Amazon’s Luna game streaming service has supported iOS devices since it first launched because it works via the Safari browser. Now Google has trapped – you’ll use Stadia game streaming on iOS via a Safari web app.

Microsoft recently announced it’ll support Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS next year, and NVIDIA is functioning thereon.

But while Google is busy getting its game streaming service to figure with iOS, Apple and Google have also been understanding a deal to bring Apple TV to Chromecast… and HBO Max is finally coming to Roku devices tomorrow. It also launched on PS5 today.

Soon you’ll be ready to stream everything on everything… or something.

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Here’s a roundup of recent tech news from around the web.

Google’s Stadia game streaming service is the latest to feature support for iOS while circumventing the App Store. Instead, stir up within the Safari browser and sign in to your account to stream to an iPhone or iPad.

Raspberry Pi launches support for industrial customers, which already accounts for 44-percent of total sales. All current products will be supported until a minimum of 2026, and there’s a replacement hub for documentation plus a replacement approved design partners program.

Detailed specs are now available for Rockchip’s upcoming RK3566 and RK3568 ARM Cortex-A55 quad-core processors. Here’s a comparison of the new chips.

Intel is updating its SSD and Optane lineup with new storage & persistent memory solutions for end-users and data centers. The Intel 670p QLC NVMe SSD and Optane Memory H20 are probably a number of the choices you’re presumably to ascertain in consumer devices.

HBO Max will be available on Roku devices starting Dec 17, bringing content including Lovecraft Country, Watchmen, Game of Thrones, and The Sopranos + woman 1984 (when it comes out on Dec 25). HBO Max is additionally now available on the PS5.

Google says the Apple TV app is coming to Chromecast with Google TV next year. It might be less expensive to watch Apple TV+ content on your TV than learning an Apple TV box.

Now you’ll install the OS on the Google Pixel 3a or F(x)tec Pro1. Other updates include bug fixes for the Volla Phone and other devices designed to ship with Android 9. Therefore the UBPorts team is preparing to transition from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

After developing a functional DIY fingerprint reader to protect the PinePhone, this independent developer was contacted by Pine64 to ascertain if it had been possible to try an equivalent with a less expensive sensor that was more appropriate for production. the solution is seeming yes. Expect a politician fingerprint reader add-on within the future.

In case you were wondering what the GPD Win Max handheld gaming PC with a slider-style display covering a capacitive touch keyboard seems like in black (previous images showed a grey/silver design), the parents at @softwincn have you ever covered.

  • Support: Ray tracing on a SNES [Shironeko Labs]

A hacker brings ray tracing to a SNES/Super Famicom (with the assistance of an external chip called support that connects to the console via the cartridge interface.