Apple Hearing Study Finds Way Too Many People Exposed to Unsafe Sound Levels


One in 10 research participants is listening to headset sound volumes that lead to long-term hearing harm.

New insights out of Apple’s continuing hearing wellness study show just you in 10 participants subjected to more excellent compared to WHO-recommended weekly headset sound amounts.

We’re Not Taking Care of Our Hearing Well

“While tricky songs might be tempting, so listeners should look at listening to audio and other media in the bottom pleasurable quantity,” reads the research shared around the Apple website.

Usually, one-quarter of participants had been subjected daily to dangerous environmental noises like traffic, machines, and general public transport. Apple also stated that nearly half of the study participants operate or have worked in a dull office.

“As sound exposure has proven an effect on hearing, it is essential to know about the environment,” Apple says if those tendencies continue. Apple notes, WHO estimates that 700 million people across the planet will have severe hearing loss by 2050.

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Apple shared these essential hearing wellness insights before World Hearing Day on March 3.

Other Hearing Health Tidbits

Other critical findings you Ought to Know about include these tidbits:

  • Ten percent of participants are diagnosed with hearing loss by a specialist.
  • Of these, 75% don’t use hearing aids or cochlear implants.
  • Twenty percent of all participants have hearing loss compared to WHO criteria.
  • 10% have hearing loss that’s consistent with sound exposure.

The most despicable tidbit: Nearly half of the participants have not had their hearing tested by a specialist in 10 decades. “And 25% of all participants experience ringing in their ears a couple of times each week or longer, which might be an indication of hearing impairment,” Apple says.

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Using Apple Products To Protect Hearing

The research mentions a couple of hearing and availability features built into Apple products that help clients keep their long-term hearing wellness.

These are the AirPods Pro’s Transparency style for allowing external noise in, Live Forged, which turns the iPhone to a directional mic, the sound program, Headphone Accommodations for customizing headset sound amounts to your tastes, etc.

About Apple Heart Study

Realized at a partnership between Apple and the University of Michigan School of Public Health, the analysis was accessible through Apple’s Research program since November 2019. The analysis data has been shared with the WHO’s Make Listening Safe initiative.

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Countless Apple clients across America have volunteered to take part in this research. Participants did not need to do anything specific –that the Apple Hearing Study gathered data in their own iPhone and onboard wellbeing detectors in the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch SE, along with Apple Watch Series 4 and after, can quantify the ambient noise levels in the consumer’s environment with the mike and period of exposure. After the gadget selects up high decibels in groups where hearing may be impacted, you obtain a wrist telling. To safeguard your privacy, the watch does not save or record any sounds to quantify your daily common ecological sound vulnerability.