Sony Might Let You Use a Banana as a PlayStation Controller


Sony documents a patent to allow you to use familiar objects along with your PlayStation control.

Would you want your PlayStation controller has been banana-shaped? Or more yellowish? Or maybe only edible? You are in luck since Sony has registered a patent to learn more about the concept of working with a banana for a controller.

What Patent Has Sony Filed?

As seen by GamesIndustry, Sony has registered a patent that will allow you to use regular, non-electronic things to control your PlayStation. It’s possible to watch the patent to the US Patent & Trademark Office site.

The patent uses a banana as an example, but actually, it may be some “non-luminous” thing that is “economical, easy, and non-electronic.”

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The notion is a camera scans the thing in mind (with a “shape detection functionality” and also then “the outcome of a machine learning model”), monitors its contour, and maps control buttons onto it.

Your activities are subsequently scanned and delivered back into the console–which means that you can use a jar to create Nathan Drake leap or lemon to some zombie at The Last people.

This patent might never find the light of day since a completed product. Businesses often register patents for ideas that have been researched to shield the idea if it does come into fruition farther down the road. Until then, continue using your regular PlayStation controller.

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