Apple expands iPhone 13 production in unexpected fashion

Apple expands iPhone 13 production in unexpected fashion

Apple is expanding its iPhone suppliers in China in a relatively unprecedented fashion this year. It might appear that the new iPhone 13 Pro will be the most device that’ll be manufactured by the corporate Luxshare Precision Industry, per reports from China. This is often the primary time Luxshare will have a contract handling a final product iPhone, meaning Apple must have the utmost faith within the company, albeit the quantity of devices the corporate has contracted is comparatively small compared to Apple’s expected first-wave orders with all suppliers combined.

Per a Nikkei Asia report, Luxshare will produce “up to 3%” of the entire expected 90-93 million iPhone units ordered by Apple “through January.” In addition, it’s reported that Luxshare will handle the manufacturing of a percentage of Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro models to start. It’s expected that Luxshare’s recently acquired companies Cowell (camera modules) and Casetek (metal frames) will contribute to the manufacture of components for iPhone 13 units also.

If Luxshare is, indeed, responsible for three of Apple’s next iPhone, it’s a foreign third within the set of three main manufacturers Apple’s contracted to form the new device family. The strange bit here is that the possibility that the primary full, final iPhone manufacturing job Apple would order from Luxshare would be their most extravagant device. Within the past, the prior full device order Apple’s made up of a supplier has (generally) been an already-established, older model that needed to be expanded or continued manufacturing after its initial run.

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This is not the primary time Apple will have worked with Luxshare for a top-tier device. They’ve been contracted to make many components, AirPods and AirPower – though that specific product never really… made it to plug. In addition, a report earlier this year suggested that Luxshare was liable for a considerable portion of the display panels made for the iPhone 13 Pro in 2021.

Luxshare is additionally one among an inventory of brands that agreed to be a part of a China Clean Energy Fund initiated in July of 2018. So likely, Luxshare will still become a much bigger part of Apple’s supply route if they’re ready to successfully build up production in new devices within the near future.

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