New Apple Leak Reveals Eye-Opening iPhone 13 Pro Upgrade

New Apple Leak Reveals Eye-Opening iPhone 13 Pro Upgrade

Now we have a better idea of one of the most anticipated upgrades to the iPhone 13 Pro.

This year’s iPhone 12 Pro will probably see an even more significant upgrade.

Weibo user UnclePan has leaked new images that show how massive the iPhone 13 Pro’s substantial rear cameras.

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DuanRui posted the images on Twitter. They show the iPhone 12 Pro is installed in a case designed for the iPhone 13 Pro. The iPhone 12 camera module is visible through the large gap in the case.

UnclePan’s original image was of an iPhone 12 Pro Max inside an iPhone 13 Pro Max case. However, this was later corrected so that UnclePan refers to non-Pro models.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max will likely have a larger camera module than the regular Pro model. However, a Weibo leak revealed that the differences in size between the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s and iPhone 13 Pro Max’s cameras are much more minor than those between the non-Max models.

Due to the increased use of larger lenses and image sensors, larger camera modules are now necessary. Both of these offer significant potential for image quality improvements, particularly in low-light situations.

You can see the benefits of monster camera modules like this in competitors’ products like Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra, which currently ranks at the top Dxomark image quality charts.

The Mi 11 Ultra’s huge camera bump was required to hold its large sensors and lenses. Part of why the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera is more significant is due to the anticipated use of voice coil motors for improved optical image stabilization. This feature is only available on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It means that the upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro camera from the iPhone 12 Pro Max could be much more expensive than the iPhone 12 Pro Max from the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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The iPhone 12 Pro’s camera capabilities, such as ProRAW video recording and Dolby Vision video recording, are unique. However, the iPhone flagships remain behind the best Chinese models in Dxomarks quality testing. New larger cameras with better OIS would help close the gap.