Apple Plans to Boost iPhone 13 Production to Reach 90 Million Units Before 2022

Apple Plans to Boost iPhone 13 Production to Reach 90 Million Units Before 2022

Apple intends to increase production of its iPhone 13 to 90 million units by 2021. Apple is expected to launch its next-generation iPhone in the fall. A new report claims that they anticipate strong demand for their brand new handset.

Apple Plans to Produce 90 Million New Handsets in 2021

Apple has requested manufacturers to be ready to produce up to 90 million more handsets in 2021. Bloomberg cites sources familiar with Apple’s plans and notes that Apple expects an increase in demand.

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According to the report, Apple’s latest order indicates that it is expecting a huge increase in demand once the world begins to loosen its COVID-19 restrictions. The coronavirus caused an increase in electronics demand. A new market could also emerge as the world begins to loosen its COVID-19 restrictions.

Apple Numbers Suggest 75 Million iPhones Sold within Launch to End of the Year

AppleInsider reports that Apple has shipped approximately 75 million iPhones since its launch. The report would show that the order increase was responsible for an astounding 20% year-over-year growth.

The report reveals shipping volumes and reiterates rumors about the Apple iPhone 13 hardware first aired by Ming-Chi Kuo (an Apple analyst) and other industry insiders a few months back.

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According to the report, this year’s iPhone lineup will borrow a design from the Apple iPhone 12 in 2020. Apple Leaks also offer buyers a glimpse at the potential new features of the iPhone 13.

Apple New IGZO and LTPO Technology

It comes with some other features. Apple also plans to introduce its first low-temperature polycrystalline dioxide or LTPO iPhone display, possibly on at least one of its models. Variable refresh rates would be possible that can span the spectrum.

It is expected that the newer LTPO hardware will include the high-efficiency indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) technology. Apple currently uses the LTPO solution for its Apple Watch to facilitate the wearables’ new always-on display.

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Apple Display Upgrades

Some rumors suggested that Apple could be using the LTPO tech to make two iPhones in 2021. Both could be compatible with Apple’s 120Hz ProMotion feature, which has been visually upgraded. According to leaks, the Apple iPhone 13 release date may be September 2021.

There are many expectations about the new Apple iPhone 13, from its camera capabilities to other features. First, apple must confirm that they are indeed official. Buyers can expect to have a wider range of models if the company plans to sell 90 million new iPhones by the end of this year.