Another Pixel 6 magic trick is compatible with earlier smartphones

Another Pixel 6 magic trick is compatible with earlier smartphones

Today we’re looking at a hack that lets earlier Google Pixel smartphones run a function originally reserved for the Pixel 6. This isn’t the first time adventurous Android users have discovered this sort of side-step into a new feature. This method lets any earlier Google Pixel device run Live Translate on the Pixel 6.

Like Abhinav 937 says, even older Google Pixel smartphones can benefit from Google Pixel Live Translate. Installing the latest Pixel 6 ASI (Android System Intelligence) file is the first step to using the most up-to-date Live Translate functionality.

Google Play Store Pixel 6.405532360 (arm64-v8a) (Android 12+) may be downloaded from APKMirror.

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Your device will need to be upgraded to the newest Android version but not rooted or hacked in any manner. After installing the ASI, go to Settings – System – Live Translate.

Some texting applications appear to operate, but not all. To use this feature, click to Live Translate in your settings and download the languages. On the left side, you may choose “Use Live Translate”, “Only download languages on Wi-Fi”, and “translate to”.

The Pixel phone should respond when it “detects a new language.” A new language should “ask whether you want translations.” You may even be able to ask Google Assistant to “be my interpreter”, enabling real-time translations.

Languages support distinct features. It supports Live Captioning, Interpreter Mode, Messaging and Camera. The Camera function shows translations based on what your phone sees.

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According to XDA Developers, a similar install approach with the official Google Camera APK allows new functionality for older Pixel smartphones. Another APK Mirror visit seems to be the answer. You download programmes from non-Google Play sources at your own risk, so be cautious!

Source: XDA Developers | APKMirror | Abhinav 937