Android’s Data Transfer Tool Will Soon Let You Import WhatsApp Chats From iPhone

Android's Data Transfer Tool Will Soon Let You Import WhatsApp Chats From iPhone

Google is functioning on integrating WhatsApp’s upcoming cross-platform chat migration feature into its data transfer tool.

One of WhatsApp’s most critical pain points is that it doesn’t allow you to transfer your chats from iPhone to Android or the other way around. However, it’s like things are close to change soon, and Google could make it easy to migrate your WhatsApp chat backups from iPhone to Android.

Google is adding a WhatsApp chat migration feature to its Data Transfer Tool, which is primarily wont to transfer data to a replacement Android device from an old one or an iPhone.

Transferring WhatsApp Chats From iPhone to Android Could Soon Become Easier

The Data Transfer Tool from Google comes pre-installed on all Android devices. However, Google recently released it on the Play Store, allowing it to update the tool directly and when needed.

Now, the parents at 9to5Google have done a teardown of the newest version of Google’s Data Transfer Tool available on the Play Store. The teardown points to Google performing on adding the power to “Transfer WhatsApp Chats” from an iPhone to Android via its data migration tool. During the migration process, you will have to “Scan the QR code together with your iPhone to open WhatsApp, then tap Start.”

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Right now, WhatsApp only allows you to transfer chat between devices of an equivalent platform. So, you’ll move your WhatsApp chat history from one Android device to a different one, but it’s impossible to migrate your WhatsApp chats from an iPhone to an Android device or the other way around.

There are third-party tools that permit you to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android, but they’re mostly paid and confusing to use. This upcoming new feature in Android’s Data Transfer Tool will integrate with WhatsApp’s cross-platform chat migration feature that’s in development.

WhatsApp Working on New Cross-Platform Chat Migration Tool

WhatsApp is functioning on a replacement feature to permit users to migrate their chats from iPhone to Android and possibly the other way around. This suggests that you will be ready to move your chats between Android and iPhone devices even without using the info Transfer Tool.

WhatsApp is also performing on multi-device support, allowing you to use the messaging service across four of your devices simultaneously. Additionally, it’ll soon allow users to send photos and videos in “best quality.”

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Google working with WhatsApp to directly integrate the chat migration feature in its data transfer tool will supply a far better user experience to new Android smartphone users switching from an iPhone.