Alan Wake Remastered On Xbox Series X vs. Xbox 360 Compared In Trailer

Alan Wake Remastered On Xbox Series X vs. Xbox 360 Compared In Trailer

A new Alan Wake Remastered trailer compares the first on Xbox 360 to the re-release’s incredibly impressive visuals on Xbox Series X.

The latest Alan Wake Remastered trailer highlights the striking visual differences between the first version on Xbox 360 and, therefore, the boosted experience which will soon hit Xbox Series X. Remedy Entertainment’s cult classic first launched for Xbox 360 in May 2010; the title’s proximity to Red Dead Redemption’s release arguably led to its less-than-stellar market performance. Those that did give the brilliant Falls-set adventure an opportunity quickly found themselves enamoured, however, taken by the light-based gameplay and unconventional gaming protagonist, a novelist named Alan Wake.

Apart from a standalone expansion, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, it long seemed as if the budding franchise had been tossed aside, its punishment for failing to line the planet ablaze. But hope arose two years ago when Remedy acquired the rights from Microsoft, leaving many to wonder if and when Wake would return. And return he did in 2019’s Control, garnering mention in collectibles strewn throughout the environment. The AWE DLC for Control set the novelist’s presence in stone, giving new audiences a taste of what had preceded. Fortunately, the revival of Alan Wake isn’t over just yet.

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Today, Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment unleashed a brand-new trailer for Alan Wake Remastered, specifically spotlighting the differences between the game’s Xbox 360 and Xbox Series X versions. As seen within the video, the updated iteration boasts 4K visuals, higher quality character models, and increased environmental detail, all of which encounter clear as day in both gameplay and cutscenes. Lighting and fog effects have received noticeable boosts, too, which should make wandering around Bright Falls in the dark feel far more immersive. See the complete comparison trailer within the video linked below:

Remedy shared the primary Alan Wake Remastered gameplay trailer a few weeks ago during the September 2021 PlayStation Showcase. The footage, of course, looked impressive then but stood out even more in comparison side-by-side to its 11-year-old counterpart. Longtime fans and newcomers alike might be certain quite the treat come early October.

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In addition to an enhanced version of the classic experience, Alan Wake Remastered also will pack in two DLCs -The Signal” and, therefore, the Writer. Better still, the re-release will feature audio commentary delivered by writer Sam Lake. Here’s to hoping the remaster’s potential spawns widespread demand for a correct sequel.

Alan Wake Remastered makes its thanks to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms on October 5.

Source: Xbox/YouTube