Apple Fixes AirPods Max Battery Draining Issue Without Admitting It Exists

Apple Fixes AirPods Max Battery Draining Issue Without Admitting It Exists

The newest AirPods Max firmware has been pushed to dwell on March 9. However, Apple is nevertheless to acknowledge it corrects the battery drain (Airpods max battery drain fix).

Apple recently released a new firmware upgrade for the AirPods Max over-ear headset, which fixes the bothersome battery drain problem some people have been complaining about.

Fixing a Problem Without Admitting It Exists

The firmware upgrade has been released on March 9, 2021.

Ahead of its launch, frustrated clients plagued with all the excessive battery drain problem could have to Apple’s Discussion Forums, Reddit, and other areas to record the issue. Some folks reported visiting with their AirPods Max battery draining from 100% to as low as 10%, or even zero percentage when abandoned within Apple’s brilliant instance instantly.

Lately, Apple’s never recognized that the problem is present in the first place–maybe that’s the reason why there aren’t any official release notes to your newest AirPods Max upgrade. Heck, even as little as a service document about the Apple Website concerning the AirPods Max charging and the battery had not been refreshed at article time to admit the charging problems.

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Fixing the Excessive Battery Drain

Labeled “3C39,” the newest firmware allegedly forces the AirPods Max to an ultra-low power style after only 30 minutes of being within their brilliant instance. This mode works off Bluetooth and Locate I maximize battery lifetime. Ahead of the new applications, the AirPods Max could input the ultra-low energy mode following 18 hours of becoming at the wise case.

Testing performed by programmer Guilherme Rambo affirms the upgrade changes idle battery utilization once the cans are from the circumstance. Rambo shared two graphs on Twitter to demonstrate his point, imagining that the battery drains every 30 minutes for periods of 2 hours.

9to5Mac reports that the AirPods Max clients who formerly complained about the battery life are now saying that the newest upgrade has solved their issues. Other men and women report more dependable automated apparatus switching after upgrading their AirPods Max into the “3C39” firmware, a symptom that the new firmware also has bug fixes.

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How to Apply the New AirPods Max Firmware

There is not an immediate approach to upgrade the AirPods Max. To use an update whenever there’s just a single, the cans have to be attached to a power supply and paired with an iOS apparatus.

Then play some songs or any music in your iOS apparatus for a couple of seconds. Doing this will join the headphones to an iPhone‌ or even iPad, prompting the working system to install and download the upgrade.

It is possible to check the current version number of this software running in your own AirPods Max by entering Settings > General > About > AirPods Max in your iOS device. If you do not find out your AirPods version recorded there, make sure the cans are paired together with your iOS apparatus, turned, and attached to it.

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