The 2021 Creative Communication Award Is Now Taking Submissions

The 2021 Creative Communication Award Is Now Taking Submissions

Are you prepared to drive your creative job to another level? Apply to your 2021 variant of the creative communication award!

In 2019the, the Farmani Group established the first variant of this Creative Communication Award, the most sister-initiative of this IDA International Design Awards. It intends to encourage the creativity, excellence, and exceptional implementation of thoughts from graphic design, communication, promotion, and electronic media.

Now that it is back for the third season, you shouldn’t miss the chance to take your photo.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win a C2A

Now you can send in your entry (s) with this season’s Creative Communication Award. The contest is available globally to most students, amateurs, and professionals at least 18 years old.

C2A winners are going to have their work showcased on the home page of the site, in an internet gallery display, in addition to in media releases and newsletter statements. That is vulnerability to some hundred [of] thousands of innovative thought leaders and possible customers.

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The award-winning C2A is a double entendre. While it stands out for Creative Communication Award (two phrases which begin with C, followed closely by a name that starts with A), also, it signifies a call to action through the ability of style.

“Your tales –if through images or via phrases, whether moving or still, electronic or analog–thing, they’re significant, and they deserve to be honored, shared and celebrated,” reads the C2A around the webpage.

What Are the C2A’s Judging Criteria?

It changes from category to category. However, the judges are Searching for “excellence and exceptional achievement” at one or more of these regions:

  • Design excellence — that both the most visual or aesthetic allure of the General layout
  • Creativity and creativity — if the style stands out; supplies something brand fresh to the Industry or enriches a Present product/service
  • Impact and psychological significance — that the advantage given to the consumer (s)
  • Content — Excellent top script or narrative writing
  • Technological invention — that the incorporation of advanced technologies
  • Utility — if the design meets its intended function.
  • Emotional quotient — that the sensation of pleasure or satisfaction during usage
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Who Are the C2A Jurors?

The C2A jury is compiled by more than 30 creative business professionals: supervisors, curators, publishers, along with other powerful luminaries. Some big names comprise 2019 Muse Creative awards winner Min Lu, Apple senior graphic designer Xi Alone Zong, and Arvin Maleki of Futuredge Design Studio.

You’re able to learn about every prosecution member about the C2A official site; click on their picture or title beneath the Jury tab to see about their imaginative background.

Send in Your Submissions for C2A Now

Submitting anytime between today and April 15 will give you an Early Bird discount: 20% away from the entry fee. The normal deadline is August 15, and the winners will be declared 4 to 6 months following that date.

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It is well worth trying to grab that reduction since the entry fees are somewhat hefty.

If you are a working professional in the creative business, it will cost you $300 for each entrance. It is possible to submit equal access to other classes for 200 each. Is it working for a nonprofit organization? It’s possible to send the 2021 creative communication award an email address to to discover when you’re qualified for lower fees.

The fee for amateurs and students will be 80 per entry and $50 per extra class (if a similar entry is filed into multiple courses).