12 Greatest Firefox Add-ons For Developers & Designers


Together with the newest Firefox browser upgrade — Firefox Quantum — Mozilla created a jump ahead in the browser sport. The new Firefox browser isn’t just super-speedy and slick. It triggered an uproar since the newest version only supports Firefox add-ons employing the WebExtensions API.

We researched, reviewed, and hand-picked 12 of their very best Firefox add-ons for programmers.

The Ideal Firefox Add-ons for Firefox Quantum

Mozilla got quite a while after launching Firefox Quantum in November 2017. Mainly because of its amazingly fantastic performance.

It is fast. Quickly. Firefox Quantum is over twice as fast as Firefox from 6 weeks ago.

(origin: Mozilla)

Besides the functionality improvements, Mozilla upgraded these attributes too:

  • Minimalistic layout
  • Private surfing & monitoring protection
  • WebExtensions service

On a drawback, Firefox may not support your favourite add-ons. With the newest upgrade, heritage add-ons which don’t utilize the WebExtensions API aren’t offered.

The great news is: We analyzed and gathered the ideal Firefox add-ons for developers (supported by Firefox Quantum).

1. Usersnap

The Usersnap Firefox add-on enables you to capture and annotate any site. It works excellent for managing and collecting user opinions on sites or software or for tracking bugs on your browser.

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All screenshots are instantly saved on your Usersnap jobs. It integrates with your workflow. Also, you’re able to join Usersnap using JIRA, Trello, Slack along with 20 other job management applications. A perfect match for QA and development teams.

Attempt Usersnap for free: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/usersnap/

2. Internet Developer

I suggest the web Developer’ add-on. It provides you with some fantastic features that will make your development workflow quicker.

I like various CSS, shape and picture choices. Regardless of if I wish to inspect alt tags, missing pictures or image measurements, this add-on is my favourite option.


3. User Agent Switcher

The User-Agent Switcher lets you change the user agent of your browser. The add-on will include a choice to the settings. This choice enables you to change the user agent.


4. Ghostery

Ghostery is an excellent addition to exhibit installed trackers and pixels of almost any site. It gives you the ability to discover and examine the used advertising – and technology stack of any site. And you’ll be able to block them if you do not want your session to be listed.


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5. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is an innovative colour picker and eyedropper. It permits you to find the colour of any pixel from the browser window. The expansion also has an integrated averaging square. This can help you receive a matching colour for a photograph. The add-on is relatively straightforward and user friendly.


6. HTTPS Everywhere

This Firefox add-on welcomes all of your communication with many important sites.

Because many websites support HTTPS, they nevertheless may use HTTP. Or they fulfil encrypted webpages with links that go straight back to unencrypted websites. The HTTPS Everywhere add-in fixes those issues by copying all orders to HTTPS.


7. BuiltWith

The BuiltWith add-on investigations sites and their technology, servers, and hosts. It works excellent for analyzing competition websites, and you’re able to get insights on almost any web page.

Plus it displays tracking IDs, such as the Google Analytics ID.


8. Web Developer Checklist

The Internet Developer Checklist is an easy add-on which gives you a review of the usability of your website.


9. Cookie Manager

This Cookie Manager enables you to assess and handle the biscuits. You can see, add, alter or even delete cookies at any of those domain names.

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You may also export and export cookies. This is beneficial to replicate certain topics by recreating specific browser sessions.


10. NoScript Security Suite

Winning the”PC World Class Award”, this Firefox add-on gained quite a while. It’s among those top-rated add-ons. This expansion makes your browser more secure by limiting JavaScript and other content.


11. Open Lorem

For a web developer or programmer, you will discover this extension quite beneficial. Open Lorem creates”lorem ipsum” text to you and your sites.


12. Page Performance Test

It assesses webpages’ functionality based on several parameters. The Page Performance Test measures browser, network, and server functionality.

You can utilize the Page Performance Test right in your console:

Open your console; You’ll currently find a new tab “page functionality.”

Begin the performance evaluation



In this guide, we gathered the ideal Firefox add-ons for programmers and designers. Firefox Quantum, as well as the recorded Firefox add-ons, enable you to step your development workflow. Proceed and check these out add-ons and find out just how they could make your Firefox a powerful browser.