How to Make uBlock Origin Even Better at Ad Blocking in Firefox


Firefox is one of the top plugins for blocking ads and crappy internet trackers, and you’ll be able to make it better with”nuke-’em-all” browser extensions such as uBlock Origin. Currently, Ghacks and GitHub users point out that uBlock Origins is capable of blocking new kinds of advertisements, trackers, and site articles that browsers such as Chrome can not (or will not ), despite the addition installed.

This unique content employs canonical name (CNAME) records to become through content blockers by merely telling the browser that the content being exhibited is important first-party articles that have to be shown on a web site. That is not true if you are using uBlock Origin on Firefox, that will be testing out a way of blocking this bothersome workaround, also –including still another stage from the browser’s preferred over its competitors.

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UBlock strand’s enlarged CNAME obstructing capabilities for Firefox has been in beta at this time, but will shortly be accessible Firefox after the addon’s variant 1.24.1 drops. Whether you catch the beta version today or await the upcoming stable upgrade to roll up, users might need to give fresh permission for uBlock Origin to”accessibility IP address and hostname information.” After that, You Will Need to tweak a few of their addon’s configurations to enable complex ad-blocking:

  1. Type “about addons” to the Firefox URL bar and press enter to start the expansion configurations.
  2. Click on the”” icon alongside uBlock Origins then click on”Options.”
  3. Assess the”I’m a sophisticated user” box then click on the gear-shaped icon which appears next to it
  4. In another window, locate”cnameAliasList” in the listing, and change the setting’s value to”*.”
  5. Click”Apply Changes,” and then shut the choices. You Might Need to restart Firefox.
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After these settings are altered, uBlock Origins is going to have the ability to filter out those pesky advertisements and trackers using CNAME records.