11 Hidden Reasons Your Internet Is So Slow


If your video is lagging and downloads are taking endlessly, don’t bang your head on your keyboard. Try these fixes to put your virtual lifestyles back within the fast lane.

Your Wireless Connection is Iffy

“Ensure that the home pc is connected via a wired Ethernet cable for functionality reasons–particularly in case you believe you don’t understand what you’re doing. This is only because wired is a closed system in which factors can be controlled. Wireless is still an open system, and the surroundings (and functionality ) is continuously changing.” —Trevor Textor, IT infrastructure pro

Your Router is Cheap

“Ensure house routing/switching equipment is top-notch. Twenty-dollar gigabit switches are nice, but routers under $200 will probably not work well. That is because routers are PCs with purpose-built applications. They make them more economical by placing in less costly CPUs and less memory. A router over $200 will weigh more. This is a great sign. More CPU and memory carries more metal” Here are free items on the online everybody should use.

You Don’t Know your Mbps

“When dealing with the Web the expression ‘Mbps’ often crops up in affiliation with connection rate, prefaced by a number (e.g. 75/75 Mbps). But most of us don’t have any clue what Mbps stands for, let alone some idea of what it really is–what is a fantastic amount? What is a bad number? .Consider it this way: Mbps is on the web what horsepower is to automobiles. You may really just type in ‘speed test’ in your Google search bar and pick the first option that pops up–Google’s rate evaluation. It is quick and dependable.”

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You Don’t Have Enough Horsepower.

“Once you understand your Mbps, you need to ascertain how much speed you truly require. This can be based on the number of men and women using your Internet connection and exactly what they are using it to get –streaming TV, streaming audio, surfing the world wide web, etc… If you are living alone and streaming browsing and music, as an instance, 5 Mbps could be sufficient. If you are a family who likes to stream regularly, you ought to be searching for about 20 Mbps.” —Victoria Merinda, a tech specialist from HighSpeedInternet.com

You Need A Better Plan

“If you have assessed your rate, in comparison with the amount your Web provider should be receiving, and also the figures match up, then you could just be paying for the slow net. In cases like this, you may wish to consider choosing an update.” –Ryan Hansen, a Verizon Business Internet specialist. Have a look at things you shouldn’t ever search on Google.

You’re On An Overloaded Channel

The issue might also be the channel your wifi is on. Like radio, different wifi signals connect to several tracks. It’s likely to use a tool such as Network Analyzer Lite (like iOS) or wifi Analyzer (for Android) to check if your wifi channel is overloaded or manually pick a new one” —Ryan Hansen, a Verizon Business Internet pro. Were you aware you could upgrade your garage door with wifi? This is the way.

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Time for a Modem Reset

“When the lights on your router and modem all come on as they are supposed to after stressing them, try catching the ethernet cable your ISP must have provided you when they set up your Web to link your computer directly into your modem. Reset the modem. In case you have an Internet following this, it is a router issue. Otherwise, it is time to call your ISP.”

“If you are becoming slower Internet than you are supposed to, then you can try resetting your modem and modem (turning them off and on ). You may also need to look at the other devices on your home before or after following this step. When it’s only one device that is slow, you could have a hardware issue.”

Your wifi is in a Bad Spot.

“Try moving your router outside to the open, if you normally keep yours at a cupboard or closet. Have ample space for its sign may possess a remarkable improvement in your wifi speed. In case you’ve got a significant house, it may be a space issue from the router. Try testing your rate when you are close to your router when you are further away. If you discover a gap, it may be worth investing in certain wifi extenders to get a mesh network” All these are the hazardous reason you ought never to use public wifi.

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Your wifi is in a Bad Spot.

“There are devices on your home/office, causing hindrance to a wifi signal. Electronic devices emitting radio frequency (radio, TV, screens, etc.) may cause this. Consider removing them from the area to assess if they’re the situation.” —Mike Khorev, Nine Peaks Media Plus: Read the top 10 reasons you need to update to a network router. Additional Devices Are Causing Interference.

Background Programs Are Eating Up Bandwidth

“Games and apps that operate with videos, specifically, can greatly affect your network and create links to seem slow. It’s easy to overlook these programs are running. Assess your computers to get any programs which are running in the background if you troubleshoot a slow system” —Bradley Mitchell, composing for Lifewire.com.

Your Computer Has A Virus

“Occasionally, your computers become infected with viruses which steal your resources without you understanding and will slow down your Internet speed. Install powerful and reliable antivirus software to prevent this.” —Sean Si, CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker, Qeryz, Sigil, and Work plays. Then discover how to protect yourself online.