YouTube TV may lose 14 major channels in NBCU deal dispute

YouTube TV may lose 14 major channels in NBCU deal dispute

YouTube TV subscribers are caught within the crossfire amid a dispute between YouTube and NBC Universal. Like past deal disputes, these channels may go dark until/unless the 2 companies can reach a replacement agreement over what proportion YouTube TV can pay to supply the content. Assuming a deal can’t be reached, channels like USA, NBC, and Syfy will be removed.

Both NBC and YouTube have offered their stances on the matter; YouTube within the sort of a blog post and NBC via a fanatical website encourages YouTube TV subscribers to either message YouTube about the difficulty or switch to a particular provider. What’s all the drama about?

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Put, YouTube TV’s existing deal to hold these NBCUniversal networks will expire within the near future. a replacement deal must be reached between the 2 companies for YouTube TV to continue offering the networks. Still, the businesses can’t agree.

YouTube commented on the matter in its blog post, stating, “If NBCU offers us equitable terms, we’ll renew our agreement with them.” Typically speaking, these heated carriage disputes tend to resolve before a channel blackout occurs, but that’s not always the case.

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Assuming a deal isn’t reached by the time the present agreement expires, YouTube says it’ll cut its monthly price by $10, taking YouTube TV to $54.99/month. In perhaps a jab back at NBCU’s resources to assist subscribers to switch providers, YouTube instead points out that its subscribers can check in for NBC’s Peacock streaming service as an alternate.