You Can Soon Disable People’s Video Feeds in Microsoft Teams


Meeting organizers may turn off a single individual’s webcam feed everyone’s simultaneously.

Sometimes you do not want every person to reveal their movie in a digital assembly; occasionally, you would like to handle who will present their webcams and that can not. Luckily, Microsoft is incorporating this operation into Teams, which means you can control who can and can not display their cameras at a meeting.

Microsoft’s Plans for Video Censoring on Teams

Windows Central has seen a string of entries about the Microsoft 365 Roadmap associated with disabling attendee’s webcams in Teams. The attributes are still in evolution, but from what we can find about the Roadmap, it’ll be a fascinating upgrade for Teams.

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When that is the first time you’ve learned about this Roadmap, it is a beautiful way to find out exactly what Microsoft has planned for the own providers. We have seen the software giant intends to permit anonymous users in Microsoft Teams through the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Today, Microsoft has included two more entrances to the Roadmap. One of these discusses turning a single attendee’s camera while another discusses disabling everybody’s camera simultaneously.

For the prior, Microsoft would like to permit a meeting secretary to disable one individual’s webcam. This can be a useful feature for folks causing difficulty with their webcams or merely turning people off and on when it is their time to speak.

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The latter attribute permits an organizer to disable and enable everybody’s webcams in 1 sweep. The organizer can opt to reverse the switch before the meeting begins or take action on the fly while the session has been still underway.

The two attributes are recorded twice on the Roadmap. The very first stack is scheduled for an April 2021 launch, and the next is May. Therefore, it is somewhat uncertain whether we will find this upgrade, but it should not be too long before you’ve got ultimate control over who can and can not show their face on your Team’s experiences.

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Controlling Your Meetings Better With Microsoft Teams

In case you have always wished to handle people’s webcam packs from Microsoft Teams, you are in luck. The software giant is currently working on a feature that will allow you to turn off different cameras or most of them simultaneously. We are going to have to wait and watch for a specific date when this attribute will launch.

In case you are considering more ways to handle your Team’s meetings, how were you aware that the agency will shortly see your sessions to you? It was initially scheduled for a January 2021 launch but was pushed back to February for now.