You Can Now Watch Microsoft Demo the Surface Duo


Together with the Surface Duo inducing discussion throughout the world wide web, Microsoft has launched a demonstration video showing off its abilities.

Together with the Surface Duo’s launching date final in, you could be wondering precisely what it could achieve and how it can assist you. Luckily, Microsoft has published a video presentation that allows you to view it in action.

The Way To See The Microsoft Surface Duo Demo

The movie comes to people from Microsoft, together with the business publicly releasing its media briefing demonstration on YouTube. The demonstration covers what the Surface Duo can perform, from its fold-up layout to its capacity to run a program on every display.

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Though the original intent of this video was supposed to provide information to the media, also, it doubles as a comprehensive breakdown of exactly what the Surface Duo may perform. Because of this, whether you are a journalist or not, in case you are interested in Microsoft’s dual-screen apparatus, then you owe it to yourself to see the demonstration.

Organizing For Your Duo’s Launch

This movie comes hot on the heels of Microsoft’s launch date affirmation. We covered this in our post showing the Surface Duo has been published on September 10. Besides the launch date, we spoke about the device’s specifications and at which you can preorder one on your own.

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That might be why Microsoft has published this demonstration video revealing the Surface Duo in actions. It is the firm stating, “Sure, it is costly, but it could also do this, and this!”

Getting Up To Speed With The Surface Range

Whether or not you are skeptical or excited concerning the Surface Duo’s abilities, now you can draw your own decisions thanks to Microsoft’s video presentation. So why don’t you give it a watch and see whether you believe the Surface Duo is worthy of its price tag.

If you would like to find out more about the Surface array, make sure you read about why and how the Surface Neo was delayed.

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