You Can Now Transfer Facebook Posts and Notes to Three Popular Services

You Can Now Transfer Facebook Posts and Notes to Three Popular Services

If you are departing Facebook or only wish to generate a copy of your Facebook information, you can now export your Facebook articles and notes to 3 popular services. These solutions comprise Google Docs, Blogger, and

Export Facebook Notes and Posts to Three Major Services

As declared on Facebook Newsroom, the societal giant enables users to move their articles and notes to 3 hot internet services. You will have the ability to export your articles and notes to Google Docs, Blogger, along with

In Facebook’s words:

To provide individuals more control and choice over their information, now we are introducing two new information portability kinds, Facebook notes and posts. Folks may now instantly transfer their posts and notes into Google Docs, Blogger, and

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These services are fairly common. Google Docs is famous for its exceptional office attributes. Blogger is Google’s very own blogging system. Also, helps individuals create WordPress-based sites at no cost.

Consumers of those providers will love this growth of Facebook’s information transport instrument.

How Facebook’s Posts and Notes Transfer Tool Works

Facebook has incorporated the choice to move content to such services in its present data transfer instrument. When you get this application and start to move your information, you will be requested to re-enter your password to validate your identity.

Additionally, Facebook will reestablish your information while moving to make sure the data stays secure.

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How to Transfer Facebook Posts and Notes to Various Services

For a consumer, you merely should produce a couple of clicks on Facebook’s website to receive your information transferred to your preferred service.

For those who have not used the information transfer instrument before, the next should help you.

  1. Open the Facebook website, click on the down-arrow icon in the top-right corner, then choose Settings & Privacy, then choose Settings.
  2. Just click Your Facebook Information about the left side.
  3. Select Move a Copy of Your Advice on the best.
  4. Pick either Articles or Notes to move.
  5. In the Select Destination dropdown menu, then choose your chosen target services.
  6. Click Next to continue.
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Practice the onscreen instructions to begin the information transfer procedure. This should not take too long since Facebook utilizes a server-to-server transport system.

More Options to Transfer Your Facebook Data

When you have been trying to export your articles or notes from Facebook, at this point, you have three choices to do this. You’re able to get your notes or posts inserted into Google Docs, Blogger, or even The option is yours.