You Can Now Download Xbox Game Pass Games by Asking Alexa

You Can Now Download Xbox Game Pass Games by Asking Alexa

“Alexa, download Halo out of Xbox Game Pass I can ruin some noobs.”

Microsoft and Amazon lately entered an intriguing partnership that allowed Xbox consumers to gain more out of their consoles through Alexa. Now, both companies seem to be ticking the bond farther by allowing players to control their Xbox to obtain Xbox Game Pass matches through Alexa.

When Alexa and the Xbox Game Pass Collide

The Verge first recorded the information of the new attribute. When you connect your Xbox to Amazon Alexa, you also can give voice commands to get matches through the Xbox Game Pass manually automatically. This really can be as simple as stating, “Alexa, download [game name ] out of Xbox Game Pass.”

If you wonder why Alexa is unexpectedly allowing you to connect an Xbox accounts for this, both companies recently enjoyed a partnership that allows you to combine both solutions. You will require the Xbox Alexa program before you may download matches, but the program will also come with many handy features.

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For example, you may use Alexa to turn your games on, listing gameplay minutes, or request what is fresh on the Xbox Game Pass. It is also possible to request Alexa to reveal to you the front-door camera along with your mails, as well as the appropriate information that will show up on your Xbox display.

Presently, only US consumers may download and use this new attribute. But, the two companies expect to roll it out globally at a lifetime.

Microsoft’s Gradual Removal of Cortana

Sharp users could be somewhat perplexed as to why Microsoft allows Alexa on its stage. After all, Microsoft has its very own voice-activated assistant called Cortana. Why is not the Redmond giant relying upon its hardware?

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As it happens, Microsoft is not feeling so sexy about Cortana as an all-purpose helper anymore. On the contrary, it’s choosing to flip Cortana to a productivity-focused tool.

Therefore, the provider is making motions to eliminate Cortana in which is not required. Astonishingly, this comprises the cellular marketplace, as Microsoft stopped the cellular Cortana program back in the close of March 2021.

Because of this, do not be overly surprised to see Microsoft embracing third-party voice supporters such as Alexa. It looks like the business is much more interested in fleshing out Cortana for Windows 10 rather than butting heads with all the big leagues such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Move Over Cortana, Here Comes Alexa

While Microsoft is not so keen on compelling Cortana because of the upcoming huge voice helper, it is not against working together with different businesses to attain its objectives. US users can now request Alexa to obtain Xbox Game Pass matches to their consoles, and who knows what else the venture has in store?

If you have obtained an Alexa, or else you are considering getting one because of the new Xbox performance, why don’t you look at more gadgets that use Alexa’s helper? As a result of the prevalence of this Echo and Echo Show lineup, there are many devices out there that could heed your beck and call through Alexa.