error 5 – HDD not locked

error 5 - HDD not locked

Here we can see “error 5 – HDD not locked

kernel – HDD not locked (The retail Xbox BIOSes require the HD to be locked)

When you upgrade your hard disc drive for one that’s larger, you often use a replacement disk drive that you bought within the shop. Now, once you put this HDD in your Xbox and you are trying else up together with your chip. It gives you an error 5. Why do you ask? Well, I will be able to attempt to explain it simply.

MS locks the original (also called “Retail”) disk drive. So why did they lock the hard drive?

Well, if it weren’t, it would’ve been quite easy (at the beginning of Xbox hacking)

for hackers to vary content thereon. That’s why MS locks it. It’s just a security measure.

This locking process uses information thats on the motherboard. The “Lock” on an Xbox disk drive contains information that’s supported the harddrive itself and, therefore, the motherboard it came with.

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One thing that creates this clear: you’ll not change a retail hard drive with another one from another, not modded Xbox. With every Xbox, there’s just one, I repeat, ONE compatible hard disk drive. That is if they’re locked.

If you do not mod your Xbox (tsop or modchips), you’ll not change hard drives. Not even from another Xbox. However, when your Xbox IS modified, you’ll change your hard disk for nearly every other hard disk (that’s UNLOCKED). This suggests that you’ll not just put another (retail) XBOX hard disk in your Xbox even when your Xbox is modified. However, some smart people made programs that will lock or unlock your Xbox hard disk on the fly.

So when does the error occur? the only time this error should occur is once you boot up your Xbox in original mode AND you’ve got a hard disk in your Xbox that’s not yet locked. So now you ask, what do I even have to try to to to form your Xbox work again?

Well, the solution is pretty easy. Boot up your Xbox with the chip on. Preferably with a slayer Evo-x cd. Now you select “Eeprom management.” Then you choose: “Lock HDD.” It takes one second. After it’s ready, it should say something like “Done.”

When it’s “Done,” close up your Xbox. Then, disable your chip and check it out else in original mode. Now there should be no more error 5.

Error Code 05

Problem: hard disc drive (HDD) not locked.

Cause/Solution: If you’ve got not replaced your Xbox’s BIOS via a modchip/TSOP flash, then your HDD must be locked employing a special password that’s generated supported your Xbox’s EEPROM, which is exclusive per each Xbox. Microsoft designed it to stop people from having the ability to plug the drive into a computer and have access to its contents and thus hacking it. Virtually all non-retail BIOSes (including modchip/TSOP) won’t require the disk drive to be locked to start. If you see this error on a non-retail BIOS, then the likelihood is that your modchip/TSOP flash process had issues, and for a few reasons, you’re now employing a stock BIOS, which is now requiring a password-locked disk drive again. If you see this error and your Xbox has been softmodded (through game save/font/audio exploits), then you only got to lock your drive again. Hopefully, you’ve got your EEPROM protected now because things get tons more complicated if not. If you unlocked your HDD on the Xbox itself (using ConfigMagic, for example), the likelihood is that the app you used made a backup of your EEPROM for you, and it’s now sitting on your E:\ drive called “eeprom.bin” or something similar. You’ll plug the HDD into a computer at now and use an Xbox disk drive explorer program like “Xplorer360” (Windows only) to look at its files to repeat your EEPROM backup. There are multiple ways to lock an HDD, one of which uses XboxHDM by author ldotsfan. XboxHDM runs on a PC, and one among its features is the ability to lock hard drives if you’ve got an EEPROM backup. Choose option “3” from XboxHDM and follow the on-screen instructions to lock the HDD.

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