Wright Spirit 100-passenger aircraft aims for all-electric flights by 2026

Wright Spirit 100-passenger aircraft aims for all-electric flights by 2026

Wright Electric debuted its newest commercial aircraft, the 100-passenger Wright Spirit, at the UN Climate Change Conference COP 26 this week. The business claims that their new model equips the British Aerospace (BAe) 146 airliner with Wright’s megawatt-class electric propulsion system, allowing for zero-emissions operation. The corporation has set a goal of becoming an all-electric airline by 2026.

“We can create the world’s largest zero-emissions retrofit directly serving the world’s busiest routes because we built the world’s largest aerospace propulsive powertrain,” Wright Electric CEO Jeff Engler said in a statement. Wright has been working on the various components of this ecologically friendly improvement for the past couple of years.

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According to Wright, its Wright Spirit aircraft will carry up to 100 passengers on one-hour flights, allowing visitors to travel over popular short-haul routes like flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco. In addition, unlike other aircraft that might be used for such a short trip, the Wright Spirit will have a zero-emission all-electric power system that will help to lessen the environmental impact of air travel.

The business intends to replace the BAe 146’s hydrocarbon propulsion system with an all-electric replacement, albeit this will take time. Following ground testing, among other things, Wright Electric hopes to begin flight testing with only one all-electric propulsor in 2023. By 2024, the business will begin testing with two electric propulsors, opening the path for all-electric propulsion to be implemented by 2026.

Though the Wright Spirit will not fly long distances, Engler believes that by transporting passengers along this high-demand, short-haul routes, the airline may “have a major impact on world emissions.”

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The Wright Spirit will represent a dramatic acceleration in the industry’s effort to move away from existing hydrocarbon-based technologies and toward ones that minimize air travel’s carbon footprint, assuming the business meets its 2026 objective. “Aviation has committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050,” Engler said in the announcement, “but Wright is committed to a 100 percent reduction in all emissions beginning in 2026.”

Source: businesswire