Windows 13 iCloud does away with weak passwords

Windows 13 iCloud does away with weak passwords

Apple has released a new version of its iCloud for Windows program, including improved security and support for Apple’s ProRes/ProRAW video codecs. The version 13 upgrade follows up on Apple’s major version 12.5 update from August, including a functional iCloud Passwords software for Apple customers with Windows devices.

One major addition in iCloud for Windows 13 is using the iCloud app to access Apple ProRAW photos and ProRes files from a Windows PC. This functionality is probably most beneficial for film and photography pros that use the iPhone to shoot content and then utilize a Windows computer for post-production.

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Windows 13 iCloud does away with weak passwords

Furthermore, iCloud for Windows 13 improves password functionality by allowing Windows users to utilize the iCloud Passwords app to create stronger passwords on their PCs. This is a step toward making the iCloud Passwords app more comprehensive for Windows users, going beyond just managing your iCloud keychain.

Finally, iCloud users on Windows may now add and delete individuals from a shared folder or file on iCloud Drive, thanks to the version 13 upgrade. Despite the minimal number of updates to the program, this is a significant improvement for Apple customers who also use a Windows PC in their everyday work setting.

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Apple has gradually made its goods available on devices outside of its ecosystem, such as the debut of its Apple TV+ streaming service on platforms such as Fire TV. However, cross-platform compatibility is still weak for power users that use a mix of Apple, Android, and Windows devices, making it difficult to manage data across the various operating systems.

The iCloud app is available for download from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices. Aside from these new capabilities, the version 13 upgrade also fixes a few issues in the program.