WhatsApp Is Dropping Support for Older Versions of iOS

WhatsApp Is Dropping Support for Older Versions of iOS

WhatsApp will soon ditch Support for the iPhones running on this version of iOS.

WhatsApp has provided Support even for really old versions of various operating systems thus far. That seems to be changing now because the app plans to ditch Support for iOS 9, suggesting different iPhone models won’t run WhatsApp anymore.

WhatsApp Stops Supporting Old Versions of iOS

While WhatsApp is yet to update its FAQ page, it has been seen in one of the app’s beta versions that there’ll be no support for iOS 9 or earlier versions of iOS going forward.

This means if your iPhone is running iOS 9 or an earlier version, you will not be ready to use WhatsApp on your phone once the new update rolls out.

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iPhone Models That Are Affected

The good thing is that there aren’t many iPhone models that run iOS 9 or earlier. Most iPhones are often updated to iOS 10 or later, and this suggests you’ll still be ready to use this app on your phone.

Two of the favored iPhone models that are getting to suffer from this alteration are the iPhone 4 and 4S. Sadly, both these phones cannot be updated to iOS 10, and this suggests the Support for WhatsApp will be discarded on these two phones.

How to Check Your iOS Version

Using a newer iPhone doesn’t suggest you’re covered. You want to ensure you’re running iOS 9 or afterward your iPhone to be ready to continue using WhatsApp.

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To check your iOS version, open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap General, and tap About. You will see your current version next to where it says Software Version.

How to Update Your iOS Version

If your iOS version is older than iOS 10, you would like to update the version to make sure WhatsApp’s uninterrupted usage.

To update iOS, launch the Settings app on your iPhone, tap General, tap Software Update, and permit your phone to seek out and install available updates.

iPhones That Don’t Support Latest iOS Versions

If your iOS device doesn’t support iOS 10 or later, you do not have any choice but to vary the phone to continue using WhatsApp.

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You can get a replacement iPhone for yourself that runs a more modern version of iOS. Otherwise, you can purchase an Android-based phone and continue using this instant messaging app. you only got to confirm your phone is stylish and supports the latest OS versions so that you’re covered.

WhatsApp Stops Supporting Old Versions of iOS 9

If you employ an iPhone that also runs iOS 9 or earlier, you would possibly want to think about updating your iOS version or getting a replacement phone with a contemporary interpretation of the OS. this may allow you to continue using this popular messaging app on your phone.