What’s Microsoft Silverlight, and do I need it


What’s Microsoft Silverlight

Perhaps you have heard of Microsoft Silverlight? It’s an all-purpose plug designed by Microsoft and found in 2007. As of this moment, it is going to get its burial in the electronic volcano in October 2021.

Therefore, why should we be worried about what Microsoft Silverlight is if its glory days have passed? Let us take some time to think about what Silverlight was how its passing could influence the virtual world.

What is Microsoft Silverlight, exactly?

what is Microsoft Silverlight used for – Launched in 2007, Microsoft Silverlight is an application platform designed to operate “wealthy” net programs. Consider it instead to Adobe Flash, which crams interactive and static websites into “containers” that demands a “participant” (plugin) to operate.

Like a flash, Silverlight is an all-purpose plug for streaming movies, live streams, animations, and vibrant images to apparatus. But, it depends heavily on Microsoft’s XAML — a text-based markup language — to the consumer interface, animations, along with vector images. Additionally, it is based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, enabling developers to utilize any instrument which supports the .NET language.

Finally, Silverlight provides web developers a means to empower rich animations utilizing Windows-based formats instead of Flash. It supports Windows Media Video (WMV), Windows Media Audio (WMA), H.264 movie, Advanced Audio Coding, and MPG3. It does not require the classic Windows-based players.

What Is Microsoft Silverlight & Is it Worth Having?

Cross-platform growth frameworks make developers’ lives easier. Programming one pair of source code documents that an interpreter subsequently converts to operate on various operating system saves programmers from maintaining multiple codebases. Microsoft Silverlight functions as an interpreter to perform Web apps on different operating systems, which means you want the Silverlight plugin if you are thinking about running Silverlight programs you discover on the Internet; differently, you do not wish to this plugin.

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Multimedia Format

Silverlight is Microsoft’s proprietary plugin to automatically provide many different multimedia products through Internet pages or Microsoft’s Windows mobile operating system. Programmers can utilize Silverlight to make slideshows, stream movies, and produce completely interactive games and other programs. Silverlight is a part of Microsoft’s .NET frame; developers use the frame’s software development kits, or SDKs, to make Silverlight apps.

Price and Download

Silverlight is free software, and you’ll be able to download the plugin to operate Silverlight software by your internet browser on either Mac or Windows. The SDKs from Microsoft that enable developers to make Silverlight programs will also be free to download. But, SDKs are useless without a growth environment to create applications. All these SDKs function best with Microsoft’s integrated development environment, Visual Studio. Visual Studio Express, a practical variant with minimal features, is free of Microsoft, but you will need to cover the fully-featured version.


Any applications you install on your personal computer poses a possible safety threat. If you let software with malicious code

do on your computer, you might be facing a critical malware infection. It is possible to select which programs to install on your Windows mobile phone. But when browsing the world wide web, the Silverlight plugin will implement any Silverlight software embedded in the webpage you see. If you go to a Web page with malicious Silverlight code, then it may have the same effect as selecting to conduct applications infected with malware.

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Bottom Line

If you do not have to use any media flows or Internet programs that use the Silverlight plugin, installing it’s unnecessary. Having the plugin in case you don’t want it exposes your computer to further dangers online. What’s more, you need the development tools supporting Silverlight should you anticipate creating Silverlight software. If you’re merely likely to be operating Silverlight programs on the Internet, you require the Silverlight plugin.

What is Microsoft Silverlight, and do I need it

what does Microsoft Silverlight do on my computer – You have probably noticed the message: “A program that you would like to download will necessitate Silverlight.” May? If that is advertising, I am not convinced I want the item. So just what is Silverlight?

Silverlight is Microsoft’s aggressive response to Adobe’s Flash, the longstanding dominant standard for multimedia Internet applications. Silverlight integrates cartoons, video, and interactivity (the capability to click on an animated thing and activate a reply ). Web site developers can do something which would be hard or not possible without Silverlight. However, do I need Microsoft Silverlight?

Silverlight requires Microsoft’s .NET Framework, yet another optional Windows component. .NET is most likely going to be the prevailing standard below which new Windows programs are developed, so finally, you’ll have to install it. However, is Silverlight likely to develop into a multimedia benchmark so widely employed by Web sites that you positively need to have it to relish Web surfing satisfactorily?

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Not because Silverlight isn’t compatible with Linux. And most Internet servers are running a flavor of Linux. Novell has launched Moonlight, a Linux-based free program implementation of Silverlight’s frame, together with Microsoft. However, it doesn’t have the complete performance of Silverlight and will likely lag for a long time to come.

What is Microsoft Silverlight for mac?

In years past, the compatibility between most items Apple and Microsoft was restricted, maybe non-existent. These days, Apple and Microsoft are attempting to make products that are compatible with both platforms. By way of instance, in 2010, Microsoft introduced a Mac compatible version of its Silverlight Internet browser plugin.

How to Install & Enable Silverlight?

The Official site of Microsoft Silverlight. Download and install the latest version Microsoft Silverlight plug-in for your browser.

How to uninstall Silverlight on mac

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is an app made to uninstall programs completely and adequately and eliminate Mac extensions and leftovers of all deleted programs. Additionally, it eliminates the Silverlight plugin using its service files. Follow the steps below.

  • Launch App, Cleaner & Uninstaller.
  • Proceed to the Extensions tab and also see from the Web Plugins section the Silverlight item.
  • Could you select it and click to Eliminate?
  • Then visit the Programs folder and eliminate the Silverlight alias file. Next, empty the Trash.

That is all! As you can see, App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a straightforward tool to get rid of any app or Mac extension completely. You no longer have to waste your time looking for the leftovers of these programs.