Verizon Is Shutting Down Its 3G Network in 2022

Verizon Is Shutting Down Its 3G Network in 2022

With 5G quickly spreading around the planet, it is time to welcome from the brand new and bid farewell to the aged. Verizon has announced its 3G system will close down on December 31, 2022.

Verizon’s Surprising U-Turn on 3G

The organization announced the deadline because of the 3G service about the Verizon News Center. This is a sudden reversal of the program because it is just two weeks after the company announced it had no immediate plans of quitting its 3G support.

The business has made up its mind and decides on a deadline for December 31, 2022. It desired to commence the cutoff back in 2019 but needed to postpone giving individuals time to migrate from 3G.

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The business has made a stand by halting new mobiles from going into the 3G network. Now, it must concentrate on getting present 3G customers updated to 4G or 5G.

Before you expect a third wait, Verizon is decided this deadline extension will be the final. The business has announced the current cutoff date “won’t be long again,” so if you know anybody using Verizon 3G, today would be an excellent time to make them update.

If you are fighting to envision anyone sticking with 3G’s slow rates, Verizon does notice that its crude network is not just buzzing with action. Less than 1 percent of Verizon’s userbase utilizes 3G in their telephone, but some have proceeded to 4G and 5G.

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Nevertheless, those that rely upon Verizon’s 3G will leap ahead on December 31, 2020. In reality, it’s ideal for updating sooner rather than after since 3G users may notice their support will degrade over time, and the degree of service they will receive will eventually dwindle into nothing.

A Final Decree Against 3G

While 3G has had a fantastic run, it pales compared to 4G and 5G download rates. If you understand one of those intense minority of Verizon users using 3G, now could be a fantastic time to provide them even a 4G (or even 5G!) Telephone to their birthday.

In case you are on the prowl for a 5G telephone, there are lots in the marketplace for you to select from. There is guaranteed to be a more 5G cellphone that suits you from luxury models, which do all to budget-friendly choices which help you get a foothold in the future of mobile technology.

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