Utah Is Considering Blocking Pornography on All New Phones

Utah Is Considering Blocking Pornography on All New Phones

Lawmakers want to implement a content filter on every new phone sold within the State.

Governor Spencer Cox will soon decide whether pornography will be barred on all new phones and tablets sold in Utah. Conservative legislatures within the State have passed the proposal, and it will be left up to Governor Cox to veto it or not.

Governor Cox Weighs New Proposal

Utah lawmakers’ official proposal reads that newly-purchased smartphones and tablets would “automatically enable a filter capable of blocking material that’s harmful to minors,” which would come with pornography. It also states that specific users would be ready to disable the filter “for specific content.”

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The Associated Press report reveals that Cox “will carefully consider this bill during the bill signing period.” March 25, 2021, is his deadline to sign or veto the bill. Albeit Cox does sign it, the account won’t enter effect unless five other states enact similar restrictions.

Some opponents of the bill argue that the filter would be a violation of free speech. On the opposite hand, supporters cite that this bill is essential to keep children far away from pornography while using mobile devices.

Will Utah Be the First State to Require Content Filters?

In the eyes of Utah lawmakers, parental controls aren’t enough. Passing this bill would automatically enable parental controls on new devices, erasing the struggle that some parents may have when turning on these filters.

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