Twitter May Soon Change the Layout of Tweets on the Timeline

Twitter May Soon Change the Layout of Tweets on the Timeline

The development team supporting each significant program or site has to have a love-hate connection with inverse engineers. It is probably flattering there are individuals so eager to find out what is in store. Nevertheless, bothersome they might disclose new features ahead of the official statement that comes out.

Well, among societal networking’s most well-known inverse engineers has once more shared her findings from the Twitter code.

The Look of Tweets on Your Twitter Timeline Just Might Change

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong disclosed that Twitter is presently working on altering the design of tweets on its deadline.

She published a screenshot of this design we are visiting Twitter sometime shortly, which gets the consumer’s name, manages, and the date/time of this tweet onto two lines. The new design also has much more padding (distance between and about components such as icons, text, etc.).

In writing, Twitter’s timeline reveals titles, addresses, and the tweet date/time on a single line irrespective of device.

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While Wong originally thought that this was a just cosmetic change, her followers had been quick to determine that this is probably an effort to be certain all info is displayed correctly (even though an individual were to possess a lengthy name or manage ).

Different devices have come in various sizes, and should the machine you use to get Twitter does not have a huge enough display, you may not have the ability to observe the complete name and handle of this writer (s) of these tweets in your timeline. Rather, Twitter can cut off it using the ellipsis (…).

Which Tweet Layout Do You Prefer?

We do not know whether the new design is the sole shift Twitter will make to its overall look or a little portion of a new style for its microblogging support. In any event, given the issues presented by the present design, the notion of altering how tweets show up on the deadline is a fairly great one.

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