How to: Fix Sorry, We’re Having Trouble With the Home Location Hulu

How to: Fix Sorry, We’re Having Trouble With the Home Location Hulu

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Sorry, We’re Having Trouble With the Home Location Hulu”

  • Your favorite movies, TV shows, and live TV won’t be available on Hulu if your home location is experiencing difficulties loading.
  • Verify that your home network, which you registered on the Hulu account page, is active.
  • A VPN, proxy, or other similar technology that alters your IP address should also be disabled.
  • Use a VPN with split tunneling mode if you value your privacy.

You may watch well-known films and TV shows on Hulu, along with Hulu Originals and live television, which is a fantastic streaming media service.

Unfortunately, many Hulu users report experiencing problems loading their home location.

They cannot access Hulu on their computer, smartphone, or smart TV because of it. Here’s what you need to do if you’re one of them to fix the home network problem.

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How do I repair the Sorry, we’re having trouble loading your home location error on Hulu?

1. Check your home network settings on Hulu

    1. Choose the platform on which you’ll watch Hulu.
    2. Make sure Hulu is compatible with your device.
    3. Set up the gadget on your personal network (Wi-Fi or wired)
    4. Visit your Hulu account page on that device.
    5. Input the Privacy and Settings section’s location.
    6. “Set or Change Home” button

While connected to a mobile network (such as a 3G/4G data plan) or public Wi-Fi networks, selecting your home network on Hulu (e.g., public hotpots) is impossible.

Within a year, you are allowed to modify your home network up to four times.

2. Connect to your home network

The home network that you used to sign up for Hulu must be the one your device is linked to.

It is technically possible to swap your home network, for example, if you visit a buddy and wish to watch Hulu jointly using your own account.

You must then change it back to yours. Out of the four home network modifications that are allowed over a year, there have been a total of three, so it’s definitely not worth it.

Check to see if your device isn’t unintentionally linked to a network when you’re at home, such as a neighbor’s or your mobile data plan.

Disable your data plan, for instance, if your smartphone is linked to Wi-Fi and data, to resolve any network connectivity issues.

3. Disable your VPN or proxy

Your IP address allows Hulu to recognize your home network. Be sure to disable any VPN or proxy servers that may be active on your computer, laptop, or tablet before attempting to connect to Hulu.

You must also deactivate any VPN clients that you may have previously installed on your router.

4. Use a VPN with split tunneling for desktop

Get a VPN that supports split tunneling mode if you want to continue using a VPN for online privacy while living in a country where Hulu is accessible.

It enables simultaneous network traffic redirection to the VPN and the open Internet.

You can direct your web browser to the public Internet regarding Hulu. You can also use a different browser to browse the web safely using the VPN.

Your web browser will no longer establish a connection to the VPN after this. However, you are free to use any other web browser and software, including torrent clients.

5. Contact your ISP

You now have a new IP address if you changed Internet service providers after setting your home location on the Hulu account page.

Other than signing up for a new home network on Hulu, there is nothing else you can do.

However, if your IP address is dynamic, it will change frequently and cause Hulu to display the Sorry, we’re having difficulties loading your home location message.

On a Windows computer, a static IP can occasionally be configured. If not, speak to your ISP to inquire about utilizing a static IP address.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I change my Hulu home location?

    1. Update the network in your house. You can modify or upgrade your home network in the following ways if you’ve recently moved or switched ISPs.
    2. Use your mobile device to check-in. If you’re watching Hulu on a mobile device, you can do so while you’re away from home.
    3. Turn off your VPN.
    4. Hulu TV in numerous residences.

2. Why is Hulu not picking up on my location?

Select Location > Security & location. Tap Location if “Security & location” isn’t shown. Examine the applications that recently checked the position of your device under Recent location requests. Verify Hulu is turned on.

3. Why am I unable to alter my location on Hulu?

If you have already changed your home location four times in a calendar year, Hulu might not allow you to do so. On Hulu, how can I modify my ZIP code? You must modify your home network on the device in your living room in order to update your ZIP code on Hulu.

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