Timex iConnect Premium Active Smartwatch Review

Timex iConnect Premium Active Smartwatch Review

Here we can see, “Timex iConnect Premium Active Smartwatch Review”

Timex iConnect Premium Active Summary

Timex Group India has announced the launching of iConnect Premium Lively smartwatches in India. Even the iConnect™ Premium Lively is where fitness matches trend with its brilliant touchscreen, many exciting physical exercise attributes together with on-the-go connectivity, and iConnect from Timex 2 mobile app.

This new smartwatch has introduced features like direct notifications, including calls, texts and calendar events, heartbeat sensor, long-distance reminder, action monitoring, sleep monitoring, music monitoring, IP68 water resistance, along a five-day battery life span. With its ergonomic design and Sturdy-yet-lightweight structure, iConnect™ Premium Lively includes the choice of a soft silicone strap or elastic stainless-steel mesh which keeps your iConnect™ look comfy on your wrist all day. This wise watch functions as the ideal accessory for every single style, the best amalgamation of fitness and style.

Based on Ajay Dhyani, Head- Marketing and E-Commerce, Timex Group stated, “We’re delighted to start iConnect™ Premium Lively in India. This item is introduced remembering that the growing amount of style and fitness conscious men and women. Timex constantly strives to deliver cutting edge innovation to our clients, and that the iConnect™ from Timex scope is a testimony to this. An intriguing addition, the new smartwatch includes different characteristics which will assist our clients in keeping on top of their match for an amazing price.”

Timex iConnect Premium Active Specifications

Model iConnect Premium Active
Release date 18th November 2020
Dial Color Black
Dial Shape Rectangle
Strap Color Silver, Gold, Pink, Black
Strap Material Silicone
Touchscreen Yes
Interchangeable Strap Yes
Water Resistant IP68
Usage Everyday Use
Ideal For Women
Product details
Closure Pin Buckle
Sensor Heart Rate Sensor
Notification Yes
Notification Type Calls, texts and calendar events
Battery Life 5 days
Charger Type Pogo Pin
Connectivity features
Bluetooth Yes
Camera and display features
Display Size 36mm
Fitness and watch functions
Step Count Yes
Calorie Count Yes
Heart Rate Monitor Yes
Calendar Yes
Date & Time Display Yes
Language English
Other Watch Functions Sedentary Reminder, Sleep Tracking, Music Tracking

Timex iConnect Premium Active design

Timex iConnect Premium Active Smartwatch Review

Among the most vivid details of this Timex iConnect, Premium Lively, is its premium appearance. The device I have includes an elastic rose gold stainless steel mesh band, and I think it looks pretty good on my wrist. This view is largely made for ladies and matches thinner wrists. There is squarish touchscreen gold borders, which looks slick, particularly when paired with all the net rings. Timex also supplies silicone ring alternatives at a slightly lower cost. The dial has important bezels on either side of the screen, particularly at the base, making the right field of the touchscreen quite tiny. There are not any buttons, and navigation can be only predicated on signature input.

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The replaceable stainless steel mesh strap stays in position using a magnet. I discovered that on hardly any occasions, especially when playing badminton, this gave manner. The Timex iConnect Premium Lively’s grip, my wrist became so loose, and it might even drop off. The silicone strap has a buckle closure, which makes it a much better choice for busy users.

Timex iConnect Premium Active features and interface

Timex iConnect Premium Active Smartwatch Review

The Timex iConnect Premium Lively includes a 36mm dial with curved edges and a metallic framework. The opinion is regarded as IP68 water-resistant, and it suffered no harm when washing machine or performing some additional work with water when wearing it. UI navigation is straightforward. Swiping down reveals options to correct brightness, toggle DND style, and closed down your smartwatch. There is no automatic brightness adjustment, however. Swiping up opens the telling panel, which only shows you alarms from your mobile cell phone. There’s not any way to react to incoming emails or messages. Even call alarms can be viewed; you can’t mute the ringer or decrease a phone throughout the watch.

Long-pressing the view face will allow you to alter this, and there aren’t any choices to be found on the gadget. The menu that may be retrieved by swiping reveals daily activity information, i.e. the range of steps that you’ve taken, the more distance you have covered, along with the calories you have burned off. Assessing the heart rate index will automatically begin studying your pulse and reveal the results. The opinion also records your sleeping patterns, providing you info and differentiating between light and deep sleep.

The Timex iConnect Premium Active merely contains seven exercise styles: walking, jogging, climbing, riding, rowing, rowing, and yoga. Other primary ones like swimming and free coaching aren’t incorporated.

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Timex iConnect Premium Active performance

Timex iConnect Premium Active Smartwatch Review

During the many months I had together with all the Timex iConnect Premium Lively, and I conducted diverse evaluations to determine its functionality. The signature input a time to get accustomed to and is not the most straightforward implementation I have used. The heartbeat tracker and the sleeping tracker created satisfactory results compared to readings from similar known apparatus, together with all the sleeping information aligning with the calibre of sleep that I experienced the evening before.

With typical usage, the battery at the Timex iConnect Premium Lively lasted approximately four times. This can be with brightness retained in the most level along with a daily half-hour run. If the brightness is decreased, every complete charge must last more; however, I would not suggest it since it important reflectiveness, particularly when its bright outside. There is a connecter in the trunk for charging, and it took approximately two and a half an hour to charge the unit completely.

To check the measure and space monitoring truth, I relied on 1,000 steps manually while still sporting the Timex iConnect Premium Active. The fitness group counted 970 measures, which can be significantly less precise than many devices. Additionally, I covered an area of 1km, confirmed beforehand employing a vehicle’s odometer, and the smartwatch calculated to be 1.02kilometers, which is not too much from the mark.

Timex iConnect Premium Active companion app

Timex iConnect Premium Active Smartwatch Review

To set the Timex iConnect Premium Energetic, users need to get into the iConnect From Timex 2 app on their phones. The matching process was rather easy in my Samsung Galaxy Notice 20, without any hiccups whatsoever. The dash and the home page of this app reveal complete details of your everyday activities, i.e. busy time, space covered, measures, and calories burned off. Additionally, it shows you your latest heartbeat measurement and measurement background should you tap the banner ads and weekly sleep info.

The app provides basic customization controls like setting periods for sedentary reminders and alarms to consume water. You might even alter the wrist and include alerts. There is a choice to toggle daily heartbeat recording, but this device does not support 24×7 constant monitoring, and you can not alter the period between each dimension. Eventually, they can choose which apps will show notifications.

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There are four different watch faces inside the app, over and over the default ones around the Timex iConnect Premium Active. Aside from that, there are no personalization features. I especially missed choices to control having the ability to wake up the screen by simply lifting my wrist, so the quantity of time that the screen stays on before heading into standby and just a flashlight. There are no time or ovulation monitoring, anxiety tracking, or SpO2 measurement attributes about the Timex iConnect Premium Active.

Timex iConnect Premium Active Price

  • Timex iConnect Premium Active Price in USA – $67.91
  • Timex iConnect Premium Active Price in India – ₹6,995
  • Timex iConnect Premium Active Price in UK – £45.00
  • Timex iConnect Premium Active Price in Australia – $139
  • Timex iConnect Premium Active Price in Canada – CAN $128.99

Editor’s rating : 3.5 / 5


  • Premium looking layout
  • Colour touchscreen display
  • Satisfactory sleep, heart rate measurement


  • Few exercise Choices
  • No time tracker
  • Few watches confront options.

Final Verdict

If you’d like a great smartwatch, then the Timex iConnect Premium Lively is well worth contemplating. But it lacks a whole great deal of features. There should be workout styles, ovulation and period monitoring (given this view is directed toward girls ), and much more choices concerning opinion faces, together with the capacity to personalize them. Also, activity monitoring isn’t true compared to smartwatches from some different brands like Amazfit. There’s no configurable 24×7 heartbeat monitoring. Also, I need SpO2 monitoring to develop into a vital attribute for many smartwatches in such uncertain times.

I also really don’t suggest the net ring should you work out a good deal, as it will renege with athletic motions. Selling at Rs. 6,995 using a silicone strap or Rs. 7,295 using a stainless steel net, the Timex iConnect Premium Lively smartwatch is predicted to assist the manufacturer in regenerating itself from a conventional watchmaker to some company that offers an assortment. Smartwatches and physical exercise bracelets. A few fantastic selections like the Amazfit GTS 2 miniature and the Realme Watch S in roughly precisely exactly the exact cost.