The Ultimate Minecraft Commands Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Minecraft Commands Cheat Sheet

Here we can see, “The Ultimate Minecraft Commands Cheat Sheet”

Conquer Minecraft worlds easily with these Minecraft commands and cheats.

Whether you’re trying to manage a server or want to offer yourself a bunch of diamonds, Minecraft commands are a useful gizmo. You’ll type them into your chat or load them into a command block for automated use.

There are many commands to undertake. You’ll use the sport mode command to vary the game mode to Creative, which allows you to fly around anywhere. The give command will enable you to offer yourself any item you wish. There is a teleport command just in case you die an extended way faraway from your spawn point. You’ll even change your spawn point anytime, without the necessity for a bed!

It’s essential to notice that not all Minecraft commands are compatible with every platform. PC users can use “Java Edition” commands, while players on consoles or mobiles will need “Bedrock Edition” commands. Some commands work an equivalent way on both versions, and a few may have different syntaxes. The cheat sheet PDF available for download below highlights these differences and also contains example commands.

Without further ado, here’s the cheat sheet for all of your Minecraft command needs.

The Minecraft Commands Cheat Sheet

Keep in mind that Minecraft cheats aren’t enabled by default. The setting for enabling cheats varies, counting on the Minecraft version you’re using.

Command Name Command Syntax
Server Management
Ban Player /ban [target] [reason]
Ban IP Address /ban-ip [target/IP address] [reason]
View Banned Users /banlist players
/banlist IPs
Change Default Gamemode /defaultgamemode (survival/creative/adventure/spectator)
Remove Operator Privileges /deop [target]
Force a Chunk to Load Constantly /forceload (add/remove) (chunk coords)
/forceload remove all
/forceload query (chunk coords)
Set the Current Gamemode /gamemode (survival/creative/adventure/spectator) [target]
Set a Gamerule /gamerule [RuleName] (RuleValues)
List Players on Server /list
/list uuids
Kick Player /kick [target] [reason]
Give Operator Status /op [player]
Unban Player /pardon [player]
Unban IP Address /pardon-ip [address]
Allow LAN Users to Join a Singleplayer World /publish [port]
Save a Backup of a World /save hold
/save query
/save resume
Save a Server /save-all (flush)
Disable Automatic Server Saves /save-off
Enable Automatic Server Saves /save-on
Change Idle Kick Time /setidletimeout [minutes]
Set Maximum Player Count /setmaxplayers [amount]
Set Default Spawn Point /setworldspawn
/setworldspawn (x, y, z)
Make Spectator Follow Entity /spectate [target] [player]
Spread Players Across World /spreadplayers (center coords) [distance of spread] [maximum range] [team spread: true/false] [targets]
Shut Down Server /stop
Count an Entity /testfor [target]
Transfer to Another Server /transferserver [ip address] [port]
Modify the Server Whitelist /whitelist (add/remove) [player]
/whitelist (on/off)
/whitelist list
/whitelist reload
Enable/Disable Mob Events /mobevent [event] (true/false)
Connect to a WebSocket Server /wsserver OR /connect [ip]
Player Modification and Cheats
Clear Items from Inventory /clear [target]
/clear [target] [item]
/clear [target] [item] [amount]
Add or Remove Advancements /advancement (grant/remove) [target] everything
Grant or Remove a Status Effect For Java: /effect give [entity] [effect] (duration) (effect level) (hide particles: true/false)
For Bedrock: /effect [entity] [effect] (duration) (effect level) (hide particles: true/false)
For Java: /effect clear [entity] [effect]
For Bedrock: /effect [entity] clear
Enchant Current Weapon /enchant [target] [enchantment ID] [level]
Add or Remove Experience Points (/experience OR /xp) add [target] [amount] (points/levels)
(/experience OR /xp) set [target] [amount] (points/levels)
/experience query [target] (points/levels)
Give an Item to Someone /give [target] [item] [amount]
Kill Entity /kill
/kill [target]
Locate Structure /locate [structure]
Add or Remove Recipes /recipe (give/take) [player] [recipe name]
Set Player's Spawn Point /spawnpoint
/spawnpoint (x, y, z)
/spawnpoint [optional target] (x, y, z)
Summon an Entity /summon [entity]
/summon [entity] (x, y, z)
Teleport an Entity /teleport OR /tp (coords)
/tp [target] (coords)
/tp [target] (coords) (rotation)
/tp [target] (coords) facing (location)
/tp [target] (coords) facing [entity]
World Editing and Management
Clone a Region of Blocks /clone (beginning coord of region) (end coord of region) (destination coords)
Replace Items in Blocks /replaceitem block (block coords) [slot] [item] (amount)
Change a Block to a Different Block /setblock (x, y, z) [block]
Edit Blocks in a Region /fill (beginning region coord) (end region coord) [block type] (destroy/hollow/keep/outline/replace)
Test if a Block is Present /testforblock (x, y, z) [block name]
Test if Blocks in Two Regions Are Identical /testforblocks (beginning coord of region) (end coord of region) (comparison coords)
Add or Remove a Ticking Area /tickingarea add (beginning coord of region) (end coord of region) [name]
/tickingarea add circle (center coord) (radius) [name]
/tickingarea remove (name/all)
Adjust or See the World Time /time (add/set) [amount]
/time query (daytime/gametime/day)
Display or Edit a Title Screen /title [player] (title/subtitle/actionbar) [title]
/title [player] times [fadein time] [stay time] [fadeout time]
/title [player] clear
/title [player] reset
Turn Rain On or Off /toggledownfall
Change the Weather /weather (clear/rain/thunder) [duration]
Display the World Seed /seed
Modify the World Border /worldborder add [distance] [time]
/worldborder center (coords)
/worldborder damage (amount/buffer) [variables]
/worldborder get
/worldborder set [distance] [time]
/worldborder warning (distance/time) [variables]
Toggle World Builder Status /worldbuilder OR /wb
Display Custom Action in Chat /me [action]
Send a Private Message (/msg OR /tell OR /w) [player] [message]
Send a Message to the Server /say [message]
Send a Message to Your Team (/teammsg OR /tm) [message]
Send a JSON Message to All Players /tellraw [player] (message)
Team and Scoreboard Management
Modify Player Teams /team add [team name] [display name]
/team empty [team name]
/team join [team name] [players]
/team leave [players]
/team list [team name]
/team modify [team name] [attribute] [value]
/team remove [team name]
Modify the Scoreboard /scoreboard objectives (add/list/modify/remove/setdisplay) [variables]
/scoreboard players (add/enable/get/list/operation/remove/reset/set) [variables]
Add, Remove, or View Scoreboard Tags /tag [target] list
/tag [target] (add/remove) [tag]
Trigger a Scoreboard Objective /trigger (objective name) [add/set(number)]
Data Management
Customize Boss Health Bars /bossbar (add/get/list/remove/set) [bossbar id] [additional parameters]
Modify How Data Packs are Loaded and Unloaded /datapack disable [data pack name]
/datapack enable [data pack name] (first/last)
/datapack enable [data pack name] (before/after) [data pack]
/datapack list (available/enabled)
Enable or Disable Debugging /debug (start/stop/report)
Get Help for a Command /help [page] [command]
Play a Sound /playsound [sound] [category] [player] [source coord] [volume] [pitch] [min volume]
Stop a Sound Playing /stopsound [target]
Reload Data Packs /reload
Schedule a Function to Run /schedule function [function path] [time(d/s/t)]
Run a Function /function [function path]
Useful Target Modifiers
Target the Nearest Player @p
Target a Random Player @r
Target All Players @a
Target All Entities @e
Target a Team [team=TeamName]
Target an Entity Type [type=EntityTypeName]
Target Players With Specific EXP Levels [level=LevelNumber]
Target Players in a Specific Gamemode [gamemode=GamemodeName]
Targets Entities With a Specific Name [name=TargetName]
Reverse a Target Modifier [modifier=!target]
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Minecraft With a Twist

Minecraft has many commands under its hood, but they are not too complex. And whether you’re mass-editing a world otherwise, you want to fly around in Creative Mode, and there is a command to assist you.

Speaking of Minecraft commands, they include a particular subset of commands called the Minecraft command block commands. You’ll use them to grant specific admin-level powers to players who do not have admin privileges.


I hope you found this helpful guide. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below. 

User Questions:

  1. Do diamonds spawn near Lava?

Diamonds don’t tend to spawn on the brink of Lava, but lava pools are naturally more open areas, and you’ll check out more blocks this manner. Plus, if you discover a natural lava pool at around that level, it means every single block you see surrounding the pool has the potential to be Diamond Ore.

  1. What does the God command neutralize Minecraft?

Creative Mode is the only native, thanks to having a God Mode naturally in-game; during this Mode, you’re liberal to place and take away blocks, fly, and even sit during a falling flood of Lava.

  1. What layer are diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds only spawn at layer 15 and lower, and most ordinarily between layers 12 and 5. this is often pretty deep, almost right down to the very bottom of the planet. A quick tip: If you are unsure what layer you’re on, you’ll check the debug menu, also referred to as the F3 screen.

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  1. Is it cheating to use commands in Minecraft?

There are several commands which will be utilized in survival without cheats enabled. These generally are commands that don’t have any effect on gameplay. Hence you’re not cheating. Additionally, these commands don’t require cheats because they do not give the player an advantage.

  1. the Easiest way to use /fill and /clone commands

Easiest way to use /fill and /clone commands [TUTORIAL] from Minecraft