The Pogo Attack of the Hollow Knight Will Be Added to Dead Cells

The Pogo Attack of the Hollow Knight Will Be Added to Dead Cells

Thanks to an impending free update, Hollow Knight fans will be able to rediscover the fun-size hero’s signature “pogo jump” move-in Dead Cells.

A new update for Dead Cells is on the way, and it brings with it a famous Hollow Knight mechanic: the pogo leap. The 2017 roguelike smash success has gotten a lot of love from developer Motion Twin in recent years. New features like the Practice Makes Perfect training area was added as recently as September.

Hollow Knight and Dead Cells are two of the most talked-about and revered indie side-scrolling games released in 2017. The former is a sombre, philosophical Metroidvania adventure, while the latter is a stylish rogue-like akin to titles like Hades or The Binding of Isaac. These games have a challenging, fast-paced combat style: in Hollow Knight, the protagonist uses a small nail and special actions such as the “pogo jump,” which boosts airtime by down-slashing foes. Meanwhile, the protagonist in Dead Cells has a more diverse arsenal of weapons. Neither game is kind to newcomers learning the ropes, but they have deep and intricate gameplay that keeps things intriguing. While Hollow Knight’s critically lauded combat has remained largely unchanged since its release, Dead Cells is routinely updated with new weapons and abilities.

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Dead Cells creator Motion Twin recently tweeted about a new Hollow Knight-themed update for the game, according to Eurogamer. The text of the tweet is as follows: “The Knight is a little too bashful to reveal his true identity. Nonetheless, he was gracious enough to let us use his weapon! What’s more, how great is it to pogo on your foes? “. The Prisoner, the protagonist of Dead Cells, uses Hollow Knight’s characteristic pogo leap to glide around the battlefield in an accompanying movie. The business went on to say that all Dead Cells users will be able to get the free update on Monday, November 21.

Hollow Knight has been likened to a slew of games, including the latest Death’s Door, and is widely regarded as one of the most influential and famous indie games of the last five years. As a result, it’s understandable that firms like Motion Twin would want to respect the pioneering game with unique in-game unlockables and improvements. Fans of both games will be happy with the addition of this pogo jump.

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Because Dead Cells is such a well-made game in terms of mechanics, this additional element should go smoothly. Players will have to determine how big this new feature has on the entire gameplay experience. Although the sequel to Hollow Knight, Silk song, isn’t due for a bit, fans of the game may be able to recreate some of the game’s enchantment with the Dead Cells update.

Source: EurogamerMotion Twin/Twitter