Galaxy Note enthusiasts may still be let down by the Galaxy Z Fold 4

Galaxy Note enthusiasts may still be let down by the Galaxy Z Fold 4

Compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 appears to have taken a significant step ahead in more ways than one. Of course, some will see the under-display camera (which Samsung refers to as a UPS or under-panel sensor) as a step back. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the first foldable phone in the world to feature an active stylus like the S Pen, in addition to better durability (no, the Microsoft Surface Duo isn’t foldable). Unfortunately, it fell short of being a true Galaxy Note replacement, and it doesn’t appear that its successor will fare any better next year.

Even though it was compatible with a new S Pen, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was slammed by most Galaxy Note aficionados for one significant reason. Two, if you include the fact that the S Pen isn’t compatible with the external Cover Screen. Like the Galaxy S21 Ultra from earlier this year, the S Pen was more of an optional device that you had to pay extra for than an essential aspect of the phone’s design.

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra has been speculated to contain an S Pen silo, similar to the Galaxy Note series, for quite some time. The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s general shape is closer to the Galaxy Note line’s boxier style, making it a spiritual successor if not in name. As a result, there have been expectations that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will follow suit, but one unofficial tip may have destroyed those expectations.

According to a Korean social networking site Naver post, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 prototype does not include a built-in S Pen slot. However, since the design won’t be confirmed until early March next year, that could alter. Even still, it isn’t very pleasant to learn that Samsung’s initial design remains unchanged, especially after the company has been chastised for it.

Many deals pair the stylus and case with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 means that keeping the S Pen externally isn’t only about saving money. It’s partly for the sake of convenience, as you won’t have to worry about misplacing the stylus. The other portion is about the phone’s and accessories’ design. There is still no perfect case that keeps the S Pen and preserves the phone’s hinge while keeping the phone flat when opened, as anyone with a Galaxy Z Fold 3 and S Pen Fold Edition knows.

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If the Galaxy S22 Ultra is any indication, Samsung is at least aware of the most common criticisms levelled at its “Galaxy Note replacements.” It’s hoped that changing the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s fundamental design to include the S Pen won’t be too late. In the end, prospective Galaxy Z Fold purchasers may prefer that Samsung prioritise improving the cameras and battery first, even if it means leaving the S Pen outside for a time.

Source: naver