The Legendary Amiga 500 Computer Is Getting a Retro Reboot

The Legendary Amiga 500 Computer Is Getting a Retro Reboot

With a mini-emulator version of Commodore’s famed computer, Retro Games is breathing new life into the 90s device.

Fans of the first Amiga 500—released back in 1987 by Commodore—should rejoice. the favored computer is finally getting its chance at a comeback because of a miniature reimagining from Retro Games Ltd.

Check Out the All New A500 MINI

If you go all misty-eyed the second someone mentions Speedball 2 or Zool, the Ninja from the Nth Dimension, then the chances have you encountered an Amiga back within the 80s and 90s. the house computer was incredibly popular, positioning itself as a significant gaming device and with productivity at its core.

Now, Retro Games Ltd has stepped in with its modern-day version of the Amiga 500—the A500 MINI—which it claims can emulate Amiga games perfectly. Consistent with a Retro Games Ltd Facebook post announcing the new device, it’ll be available in early 2022 and can cost $139.99 (£119.99).

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The device ships with a miniature Amiga 500 console, 25 built-in games, a USB mouse that mimics the 2-button A500 design, a modern USB gamepad, HDMI cable, USB-C power line, and a quick-start guide. This writer, for one, cannot wait to urge his hands on the A500 MINI.

What Is the A500 MINI?

The A500 MINI, as mentioned, maybe a device that emulates Amiga 500 games. However, it can also run A600 and A1200 games, which is superb as this suggests buyers can enjoy the AGA (advanced graphics architecture) versions of Amiga 1200 titles because of the A500’s original and enhanced chipsets (OCS and ECS).

It is important to spotlight that this is often an emulator and not a politician Amiga device. This is because Commodore, in its 1987 capacity, ceased to exist decades ago, and therefore the Amiga sadly died alongside Commodore’s original incarnation. However, Retro Games Ltd says it’s fully licensed the device and included software, so you’ll play any of the 25 built-in games with a transparent conscience, knowing you are not besmirching the Amiga name.

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What Can the A500 MINI Do?

Well, if it can perfectly emulate an A500, A600, or A1200, then it should be ready to do anything those computers did. So, apart from playing games, it should be ready to run things like Workbench and Deluxe Paint, among other productivity/creativity-related applications.

Aside from playing the built-in games, users also can load their custom Amiga ROMs via the A500 MINI. So, if you continue to develop games for the Amiga, you’ll theoretically play them on this device. You achieve this by connecting a USB drive to the device’s port, and you ought to be ready to load any homebrew ROM you desire.

You also have the choice to attach the A500 MINI to a wireless keyboard, allowing you to try to to even more with the device’s productivity-centric apps.

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Are You a Retro Gaming Fan?

If so, are you as excited as we are to ascertain what the A500 MINI has got to say for itself? It’s pretty awesome, especially given its ability to run ROMs not included on the device.