The Artful Escape: How to Get All the Secret Achievements

The Artful Escape: How to Get All the Secret Achievements

Here we can see, “The Artful Escape: How to Get All the Secret Achievements”

  • The multimedia masterpiece The Artful Escape is about changing your identity.
  • You take on the role of Francis Vendetti, a young guitar prodigy.
  • To complete all 12 achievements it takes about 4-5 hours.

The Artful Escape is a musical platformer with a compelling but funny story. It portrays the tale of Francis Vendetti, a young guitar prodigy who everyone anticipates to follow in the footsteps of his famed uncle and become a well-known folk artist.

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You can see him obviously laboring with this prepared road that others have put in his place the night before his first big performance. However, a chance will lead Francis to new cosmic heights and give him the chance to realize who he is genuinely.

🏆 Amount of achievements: 12 (10 secret)
⏲️ How long to beat: around 4-5 hours
🎮 Platforms: Windows, Steam, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S

Made it home – 100G

Arrive at Francis’ house (Secret)

This accomplishment is crucial and has a narrative connection. You should see it flash up as soon as you get to Francis’ house at the top of Calypso. It is the first achievement you may unlock. Use the elevators, please.

*Use the interaction button next to the front door if it doesn’t pop when you approach close to the house.

Light It Up – 75G

Light up every building and area of Calypso (Secret)

It will be nighttime after the extraterrestrial contact, and you can press X to switch on the lights in Calypso. Be sure to traverse the entire town, moving as far left and right on each of the three height levels as possible.

If all goes according to plan, the achievement should appear as you approach the town’s entrance.

The Journey Begins – 100G

Leave Lightman’s Workshop (secret)

Play the game as you always have, following Lightman as he enters the town and boards the Cosmic Lung. When you leave his studio, it ought to pop on its own. This accomplishment is crucial to the plot and must be shown.

Snowman – 50G

Jam with the snowman

You’ll be strumming your guitar while sledding down icy slopes in Chapter 8: Into the Heliotromms. You will eventually come upon a lone snowman close to a log you must leap over. You can play the guitar by hitting X in front of him as you slightly slow down your roll. The achievement should pop a few seconds after he starts moving to the music.

Stage Fright – 50G

Don’t do anything for 3 minutes during a jam

This achievement might be unlocked as early as the jam against Lightman in Calypso. I earned the achievement when I had to deal with this adorable woolly creature in chapter 8 of Into The Heliotromms. The achievement is really simple to obtain and only calls for a little bit of patience: as soon as the jam begins, set your controller down and wait for three minutes.

Complete Heliotromms – 100G

Jam with Tromms (Secret)

To complete the level at the conclusion of Chapter 8, you will need to jam with a large beast. As you should have done a few times previously at this stage, simply adhere to the rhythm minigame instructions. Remember that you can copy their notes as soon as they light up and that you don’t have to wait for them to finish the entire process.

New Threads – 50G

Create a custom outfit (Secret)

Theoretically, you may overlook this achievement. However, doing so would take a deep affection for Francis’s default attire, which resembles a Nintendo Power Glove put on and called it a day. Instead, in chapter 18, let your imagination go wild and create the costume of your dreams.

You can alter your socks, shoes, jeans, shirt, vest, guitar, glasses, haircut, and makeup, but only one modification is essential for the achievement to be seen at the very end. Your 50Gs are gained by simply returning to the bottom-left entrance.

How’d You Get Up There? – 75G

Land on top of the archway after the big jelly (Secret)

This achievement is arguably the simplest to overlook in the entire game and is unlocked in Glimmerdim Beach’s chapter. Once the chapter has loaded, move to the right until you come upon a huge jelly you can bounce off.

To jump higher, you’ll need to use these jelly surfaces. Despite the presence of a large one here, it is preferable to use the smaller one to the right. Jump on it, then use Y to smash down right after you bounce off of it (if you do it sooner, it will result in a higher jump). At the height of your jump, go to the right, and then use X to float even farther; this should raise you even higher. Land on top of the arch after making your way there.

*Avoid using double jump; it strangely limited my height and prevented me from climbing to the top of the arch.

Complete GlimmerDimm – 100G

Jam with Glimmer (Secret)

Another story-related accomplishment that ought to be challenging to miss is this one. The achievement should appear if you simply defeat Glimmer at the level’s conclusion. It’s a vacation, so enjoy the voyage on the Cosmic Turtle!

Amp Jammer – 100G

Complete all amp landa jams (Secret)

You’ll need to utilize the amp to cause a bridge to collapse or a gate to rise at specific times in the game. It should be impossible to miss any of these since they are all necessary to win the game. You should have obtained the accomplishment near the conclusion of the game after activating the final one.

Complete Hyperion – 100G

Jam with the GlamourGonn (Secret)

That’s it. The last jam with the GlamourGonn, a gigantic, gelatinous cosmic beast. It’s tough to ignore this achievement because it relates to the tale. Simply play the appropriate chords as you have done countless times before, and enjoy your accomplishment.

Guitar Legend – 100G

Complete the game (Secret)

Time for one last performance. You’ll be back at Calypso at the conclusion of the game, ready to prove to everyone what a rockstar you have become. As you complete the game’s final story-related achievement and earn the full 1000G, take pleasure in the last few minutes of gameplay.

Simply consider where it all started. Oh my my, what a ride that was.

There aren’t many achievements for The Artful Escape. While some of them are a little more difficult to obtain, you can undoubtedly get them all if you carefully follow our method. Most of them are unmissable and will unlock simply by finishing the game.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Where is the clever snowman’s escape?

The chapter “Into the Heliotromms” contains the snowman that is needed for this. You must quickly slide down a lengthy slope with a tree trunk at the bottom after the first stage pad or landa you crash into (it will produce an emerald bridge for you to cross).

2. How long does the clever escape last?

In fact, the narrative holds viewers’ interest for the entirety of its 4-5 hour runtime. The art direction is equally outstanding, offering an incredible demonstration of ingenuity. Once you reach space, the sheer diversity of creature designs is mind-boggling.

3. Why do all the characters in The Artful Escape have glasses?

Everyone is sporting glasses, perhaps as a tribute to their fallen hero. People are leaving, and businesses are closing. There is a business that specializes in “intergalactic and interstellar law,” if you look closely enough. Puns abound in the town of funiculars.

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