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Zoom removes paywall from important accessibility feature

Zoom said earlier this year that it would make its automatic closed captioning technology available to all users, not just premium members. The firm...

Zoom can now automatically react to user gestures on iPad

Popular video conferencing app Zoom has announced its latest update, including new features centred around privacy, functionality, and Apple's tablet lineup. one among the...

Zoom Launches Focus Mode to Stop Students Distracting Each Other

As it seems online schooling isn't going anywhere, Zoom has launched a replacement Focus mode feature to prevent students from distracting one another in...

Zoom to Pay $85 Million in Privacy Lawsuit

As a neighborhood of the settlement, you'll be eligible to receive anywhere between $11 and $34. Zoom is about to pay $85 million to settle...

How to use the new Zoom app on a Chromebook

Here we can see "How to use the new Zoom app on a Chromebook" Zoom rose to popularity at the start of the continued COVID-19...

Zoom Now Lets You Display Your Pronouns on Your Profile

Your pronouns now have a selected field in Zoom and may be shared on a per meeting basis. Zoom now features a specific field where...

Zoom App for Apple TV

How to get Zoom on your Apple TV? In today's age, technology is developing at a breakneck pace. Almost a day, we come to understand...