Zoom Now Lets You Display Your Pronouns on Your Profile

Zoom Now Lets You Display Your Pronouns on Your Profile

Your pronouns now have a selected field in Zoom and may be shared on a per meeting basis.

Zoom now features a specific field where you’ll input your pronouns to assist people skills you would like to be identified.

Zoom hopes the introduction of this feature will help everyone feel confident in expressing themselves and understand how to respectfully address others.

Zoom Adds Support for Pronouns

Until now, Zoom didn’t offer a selected field to list your pronouns. As a result, some users chose to append it to their display name.

However, this wasn’t a perfect solution because some organizations prevent names from being edited, either as a part of a policy or through SSO integration. Additionally, some users won’t want to display their pronouns in every call.

With Zoom version 5.7.0, you’ll now input your pronouns during a specific profile field and choose once they are shared.

Once you’ve added your pronouns, they’re displayed on your Zoom profile card and visual to all or any of your contacts. Once you join a gathering, you’ll choose whether to share your pronouns. If you are a webinar attendee, your pronouns are never visible.

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How to Add Your Pronouns on Zoom

For free accounts or single licensed user accounts, the pronouns feature is out there by default. For other account types, like those as a part of a corporation, the feature is disabled and must be enabled by the account admin.

To add your pronouns on Zoom:

  1. Sign in to Zoom online.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Next to your name, click Edit.
  4. Enter your pronouns within the Pronoun field.

If you hook up with Zoom via SSO, you would possibly find that your pronouns have already been populated. This is often because the feature supports SAML mapping from the identity provider.

Then, within the Share during a meeting or webinar field, you’ll choose:

  • Ask me every time: whenever you join a gathering, you’ll be asked if you would like to share your pronouns.
  • Always share: Your pronouns will automatically display next to your name in every meeting.
  • Do not share: Your pronouns won’t appear next to your name unless you manually choose otherwise. However, they’re going to always be visible in your profile to your contacts.
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Why Has Zoom Added Pronoun Support?

Many services are adding support for pronouns. For instance, Slack allows you to list your pronouns, and Instagram made it easier to share your identity.

On the Zoom blog, the corporate said:

We’ve carefully listened to input from educators, social organizations, diversity leaders, and various Zoom customers to optimize the experience of sharing pronouns on our platform.

If you do not see the pronoun feature available on your profile, update your Zoom client to make sure you’re running the specified 5.7.0 version.

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